Fun Run Timing Rota, Sep 2018 - Feb 2019

Last updated 20 Nov 2018


There are some useful notes beneath the list on how to do the timing.

Ed Rial*                11/09/2018	
Arvinder Palaha*	18/09/2018	
Chris Collins*	        25/09/2018	
Dominic Semple*	        02/10/2018	Short
Andrew Howe*	        09/10/2018	
Rick Fielder	        16/10/2018	
David Price	        23/10/2018	
Felicity Bertram        30/10/2018	
Mike SpencerJones*	06/11/2018	Short
Chris Bloomer*	        13/11/2018	
Chris Bell*	        20/11/2018	
John Crayston*	        27/11/2018	
Chris Obin              04/12/2018	Short
Adam Laycock*	        11/12/2018	
Matt Webber*	        18/12/2018	
Glen Christian*	        08/01/2019	Short
Susan Francis*	        15/01/2019	
Andrew Graham*          22/01/2019	
Roger Thetford*	        29/01/2019	
Pete Chang*	        05/02/2019	Short
Freddie Faulkner	12/02/2019	
Keith McCarthy*	        19/02/2019	
Jon Kelly*	        26/02/2019	


You need a copy of the start list, the starting clock and a pen. Try to get to the start before the first runner is expected to set off. Display the starting clock in a conspicuous place so the runners can set themselves off at the appropriate time.

As runners arrive, find out who they are and highlight their start time and which course they are doing on the start list. It the runner is not on the start list, give them an appropriate time and make sure you record their name and email address. It may be worth writing down some distinguishing feature (e.g. red shorts) so you know who they are when they run in to the finish. If a runner starts late, write their actual start time on the list.

When all the runners are gone, you may have time to do the short or mini courses yourself. You should expect the first runners to finish any time after 12:55. Record the time that they finish as they come in. Unless they are a new starter they should yell out their start number as they cross the line to save you having to remember who they are. You can download a sheet for recording the finishers here.

When all have finished try to work out who won the trophy. It should be the first runner to finish over the scheduled course. Give or send the results and marked start list to me and pass on the starting clock to next week's timer. Then have a stiff drink! You deserve it.

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