Results for McAndrew, Max Results for McAndrew, Max (Cherwell School)

Results for McAndrew, Max (Cherwell School)

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ECF Grading Information

Current Standard Grading
Current Rapid Grading
Grading code 303386H
Current (2019) ECF Member Number   

From competitions in play from September 2009 onwards, opponents' gradings are fetched automatically from the ECF site. A missing grading implies that the player lists do not contain a valid Grade Code for that person, or that the present grade is blank. From 2011-12, grades are published in both July and January; both grades are listed.

Note: Cup results (if any) follow the oldest league results.

League results

Schools League U13

Rapid Gradings 80, 87
date for board against result
07 Mar 2019 Cherwell (H) 1 Zakarian, Dimitrios 149 Christ Church CS 0
01 May 2019 Cherwell (A) 1 Bewes, Edward 59 Summer Fields 1
1 out of 2 (excluding defaults) = 50%

2017-2018 U13 Graded

Rapid Gradings 83, 85
date for board against result
23 Jan 2018 Cherwell (H) 3 Anand, Shreyas 73 MCS B 1
21 Feb 2018 Cherwell (H) 3 Bridson, Ewan 108 MCS A 0
1 out of 2 (excluding defaults) = 50%

Cup results

No cup results, except possibly in the test cups, for this person since drop-down player lists were introduced (2006-07).