Shops for Runners

Up and Running

High Street, Headington. Opened August 2003. Knowledgeable staff, 10% club discount. Were happy to get shoes from other branches (and post them on at no cost) when they were out of stock of a particular item. buy azithromycin Website.

Fit2Run, Abingdon

Shop in Wootton Road, Abingdon and mail-order service. Sponsors local races, run by runners.

Abingdon Sports

Ock Street, Abingdon.

Sweat Shop

Station Approach, Reading. Offers discount of 10% (cash / cheque) or 5% (credit cards) to people who claim to be club runners: no documentary evidence required! Knowledgeable staff, a fancy machine to analyse foot impacts (to recommend shoes with appropriate support / cushioning characteristics), and an 80m balcony behind the shop (for test runs) make the Sweat Shop the first choice for many runners.

Two-Thirteen Sports

Witney. Run by Mike Hurd and Xxx Xxxxx (who both boast marathon bests of 2:13). Excellent advice. Discounts??

First Aid for Sport

First aid kits etc:

Last updated 4 June 2011.