Track Schedule 2023

The results are now listed separately.

Track Sessions 2023: Tuesday 12:30

The AGM decided that track races in 2023 would take place on Tuesdays. This is different from when we last ran the track races. The first race will start at 12:30. Please arrive in time to warm up before then.

The Fun Run will also be available on Tuesdays on the normal courses (self-timed). For anyone wanting to run both the Fun Run and the track, there's a special version of the mini course (3.3 km) that starts at the normal place at HPA but finishes at the 200m point on the track. From the start at HPA, head towards Ridgeway House on the grass, then turn left up the grassy strip next to the fence. Go through the small car park, out onto the road past MRC then loop round to join Fermi Avenue. Normal mini route past Chilton School, but cross the zebra crossing near the Fermi Avenue / A4130 junction then head for the track. Time your arrival at the track to coordinate with the track races.

Thanks to Harwell Campus taking over the marking of the track for the benefit of Harwell Laboratories Recreational Association, we no longer need to charge for taking part in the track races. We do still expect you to be a member of HLRA though, which costs just £20 for Summer membership (Apr - August). Come and join in!

The Archery Club uses the field on Tuesday and Friday evenings (as well as most Saturdays and Sundays), so please avoid those slots.

Feature 2nd Event
Tue 06-Jun 1 mile 200
Tue 13-Jun 3000 broad jump
Tue 20-Jun 400 1500
Tue 27-Jun 100 800
Tue 04-Jul 3000 baseball throw
Tue 11-Jul 2000 200
Tue 18-Jul 400 1500
Tue 25-Jul 800 100
Tue 01-Aug 200 1 mile
Tue 08-Aug 5000 broad jump
Tue 15-Aug 300 800
Tue 22-Aug 1 mile 200

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