Results for Hertog, Alex Results for Hertog, Alex (St Aloysius)

Results for Hertog, Alex (St Aloysius)

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ECF Rating Information

Current Standard Rating
Current Rapid Rating
Rating code 305065J
Current (2023) ECF Member Number inactive for this club   

From 2011-12 to 2019-20, grades were published in both July and January; both grades are listed. From 2020 onwards three-digit 'grades' were replaced by four-digit 'ratings'.

Opponents' ratings are fetched automatically from the ECF site. A missing rating implies that the a player's Rating Code has not been input by the team captain, or that the present rating is blank.

Note: Cup results (if any) follow the oldest league results.

League results

2015-16 Oxon Schools U9: Zone A

Rapid Grading
date for board against result
26 Feb 2016 St Aloysius (A) 1 Raja, Laasya Headington Prep 1
11 Mar 2016 St Aloysius (A) 1 Kardashyan, David 31 William Fletcher 0
18 March 2016 St Aloysius (H) 1 Potter, Jacob - Dragon 1
2 out of 3 (excluding defaults) = 66.67%

Cup results


U9 Schools League Play-Offs

Rapid Grading
date for board against result
09 May 2016 St Aloysius (H) 1 Harkness, Ben 0 New College School 0
0 out of 1 (excluding defaults) = 0%