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Submitted Result in 2022-23 ODCL Division 1

  Cowley 1   Banbury 1
1 Hobson, Kenneth (2145A) ECF 0.5 - 0.5 Jackson, Gary C (1928A) ECF
2 Handley, Michael R (2064A) ECF 0.5 - 0.5 Joian, Danut (1907A) ECF
3 Burt, William (1991K) ECF 1 - 0 Rowan, Paul (1868K) ECF
4 Currie, Bruno (2012K) ECF 0.5 - 0.5 Manley, Nathan J (1856K) ECF
5 Cole, Graham (1809A) ECF 0.5 - 0.5 Staples, Neil (1831K) ECF
6 Wendling, Jérôme (1929P) ECF 1 - 0 Waddell, Mal (1815K) ECF
(ave rating 1992) 4 - 2 (ave rating 1868)
Match played on 01 Dec 2022.
Result submitted by Gerard O'Reilly on 02 Dec 2022.
Regarding the Cowley Board 6's rating, he was unrated in November and when I sent the team list round with ratings round before the match for our acting captain at the match to use, I still didn't know he would even have a December rating. The first I saw of his December rating was in fact when I submitted the result of this match and looked at the result as displayed on the site. In any case, his rating is only a 'P' rating based on a very small number of games (compare the ECF's former 'F' ratings), so Cowley 1 was not in breach of the board order rules. Of course, in further games he plays, I will take account of this 'P' rating. Gerard O'Reilly (Captain, Cowley 1)