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East Anglia Urban League standings for Hypervet Women 75+ in 2023

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Best 4 out of 7 races to score.

Results are cross-referenced between races using BOF numbers. Only competitors whose BOF numbers were included in the results file submitted by the organiser will score Urban League points.

Hover over the race number or click/tap here (opens pop-up window) to see dates and venues.

  Name   Club Races best 4 Help tie break 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
1 Geraldine Russell W75 SOS 1 100 1     100        
1 Sue Vine W80 NOR 2 100 1 100 0          
1 Ursula Oxburgh W85 WAOC 4 100 -2 0   0 100   0  

Results for other categories in 2023: MYJ WYJ MJ WJ MO WO MV WV MSV WSV MUV WUV MHV

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