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14 Apr 2018

David Gilbert

Revenue & Customs take Division One

All hail Revenue & Customs! Their win over Pimlico Home on Thursday gives then an unassailable lead on Division One and they are the 2017/18 champions.

12 Apr 2018

David Gilbert

AGM Date & Venue

This year's AGM will be held on Tuesday, 12 June 2018 starting at 6.30pm at the Wheatsheaf pub at 25 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1JB. The venue will be a new to some, but others may know it at the home of Albany Chess Club. It's five minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road. An agenda and any papers will be circulated nearer the time.

11 Apr 2018

David Gilbert

UNATS 1 Take Division 2 Title

UNATS 1 have won the Division Two title after beating DHSS 2 at Caxton House this evening. Congratulations to all the UNATS' players who'll be returning to Division One next season.

11 Apr 2018

David Gilbert

SPARTA Champions

Congratulations to SPARTA who rounded off their season last night with a resounding win over GLCC 3 to become outright winners of Division 3 and they'll be taking their place in a higher grade next season.

16 Mar 2018

David Gilbert

8th Pimlico Summer Tournament & LPSCL Individual Trophies

The entry form is now available (see link) for the 2018 Pimlico Summer Tournament, incorporating the three LPSCL Individual Trophies, The Barstow Cup (Open), Star Trophy (Under 150) and the James Curtis Trophy (Under 120) to the top players from our League. It's getting a bit repetitive that come July I'll be announcing another set of Pimlico winners (Bryan Gittens excepted), so it would be good to have a few more challengers from other Clubs this year.

Link: documents/Pimlico Summer Tournament 2018(2).pdf
16 Feb 2018

David Gilbert

Cup Final Dates Confirmed

The Bonar Law and Post Annual Cup Finals dates have been confirmed. They will take place at GLCC on Tuesday, 24 April 2018 starting at 6.30pm.

15 Feb 2018

David Gilbert

Pimlico 3 v DHSS 2: Post Annual Final

The Post Annual Cup Final will be fought (or thought) out between Pimlico 3 and DHSS 2, after Pimlico 3 overcame GLCC 2, and DHSS 2 squeaked passed Pimlico 4 in a close match.

09 Feb 2018

David Gilbert

GLCC v DHSS in the Bonar Law Final

This week's Bonar Law semi-finals saw GLCC beat Treasury, and DHSS win a close one against Pimlico Home.

23 Jan 2018

David Gilbert

January 2018 Grading List

The January 2018 Grading List was published this evening. There are no changes to teams' nominated player lists. These are set in stone at the beginning of the season. In laying out their board order, Captains may choose to stick with the August 2017 list, or they can use the latest January 2018 grades.

20 Nov 2017

David Gilbert

ECF Membership - Some problems

We already have a high proportion of players with ECF membership. It was reported earlier that Clubs with non-members will be charged £16 (the equivalent of Bronze membership) for each non- member who plays four or more games in the league.

A few players might be experiencing difficulties in renewing their membership. The issue arises for those who have previously registered at the ECF via PaySubsOnline, paid a past year subscription, but then had a year when they never joined.  It seems they are locked out when they then try to log-in for 2017/18. If this happens please call the ECF Office (01424 775222) and either pay over the phone or ask the staff to generate the possibility of making a payment through PaySubsOnline.

On a related matter, for those with an unnatural interest in such matters, the ECF has recently issued a new tender invitation for an on-line subscription service for the 2018/19 season.

04 Nov 2017

David Gilbert

Match Starting Time and Defaults

Nigel Fleming wrote to Club Representatives and Team Captains on Friday, 3 November 2017

Club Reps & Captains

There have been several occasions this season when matches have started late or captains have failed to exchange team lists in good time.

I'm writing to remind everyone that matches need to start at 6.30pm. Stalling to enable players (who the captain knows will be late) to arrive without losing time would of course be completely unacceptable, but even if the delay is just down to inefficiency it is stiill not OK - venues often need to be cleared and vacated by a set time, and players frequently have long distances to travel home and starting late can seriously affect travel plans. For this to happen, team lists need to be exchanged at least ten minutes before the start time. Could you all please bear this in mind. If you think you might be late please appoint a deputy armed with your team list, or email the opposing captain your team in board order so the toss can be made with another of your players and the match can start on time.

We are also aware of a number of cases where captains have arrived at the match knowing they will not have a full team, but not having notified the opposition ahead of time, thus causing a wasted journey for an opposition player. Furthermore, a team a player down should default the bottom board, not any higher board. These rules are really just common courtesy this league has always been played in a very good spirit, and we want to keep it that way.

One other thing - a small improvement - the Committee Representative for each Club should now be able to submit results to the website for any of their league and cup teams. Let David Gilbert know if there are any problems with this.

Kind regards


02 Nov 2017

David Gilbert

Andriy Peykov wins the Tony Ashby Award 2017

The winner of this years Tony Ashby Shield is Andriy Peykov of GLCC. The trophy goes to the most improved player over three grading lists. Andriy advanced by a massive 44 grading points from 127 - 153 - 171 and was a regular player for GLCC last season playing 13 times, winning ten, drawing one and losing just two. Andriy picked up his trophy at Pimlico on Thursday, 2 November 2017. See link.

Link: documents/Peykovpic.pdf
13 Sep 2017

David Gilbert

Game Fee 2017/18

The League encourages all players to become members of the English Chess Federation (ECF). There are changes to game fee this season. There is no charge for ECF members. Non-ECF members can play three games without charge. Once a fourth game is played they will be charged £16 (the equivalent of Bronze Membership).

The Treasurer will collect this from players Clubs at the end of the season.