London Public Service League Chess Leagues

London Public Service League Chess Leagues

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By playing in the competitions hosted on this website you agree that your name, chess grade and your membership status with the English Chess Federation (ECF) may be published on this website for the purposes of recording the results of the competitions. You also agree that such information will be passed to the ECF, the governing body, for grading purposes, and published on their website.

Recent League Results from London Public Service League

18 Apr 2018 Treasury 3 4-1 DHSS 3 2017-18LPSCL Division 3
19 Apr 2018 Revenue & Customs 2 3-3 Pimlico 3 2017-18 LPSCL Division 2

Knock-out competitions in progress

Bonar Law 2017-18 updated 09 Feb 2018
Post Annual 2017-18 updated 15 Feb 2018

Leagues in progress

2017-18 LPSCL Division 1 updated 12 Apr 2018
2017-18 LPSCL Division 2 updated 19 Apr 2018
2017-18LPSCL Division 3 updated 18 Apr 2018

Completed Leagues and Cups

Leagues: 2015 2016

Cups: 2015 2016