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13 Jun 2021

Andrew Varney

Oxon Juniors online success

While over the board junior team competitions have not been possible, 
EPSCA and SCCU have run online equivalents of the usual Jamborees on 
lichess.org. They had an interesting format of Swiss competitions on 
each board as instead of three rounds only, it was possible to extend 
the event to five rapid rounds.

Oxfordshire Juniors took part in all events with EPSCA taking place in 
March (Girls U11), April (U9) and May (U11) and the SCCU Jamboree for 
older players (U14 Minor/ U14 / U18) in June. 

In the jamboree on 5 June 2021, the Oxfordshire U18 team won the 
event, taking first place. Congratulations to the team! 

All players enjoyed the events. 
Team managers: Joseph Conlon (U9), Ola Murawska (all other teams)

ECF runs two county Blitz team battles for Juniors every month (one is 
specifically for girls). If any Oxfordshire junior players would like 
to take part in those please see the links at the equivalent news item 
at the Ojays website.  

Link: https://oxonjuniorchess.blogspot.com/
31 May 2021

Gerard O'Reilly

John Taylor

I learned yesterday evening, and am sad to have to report, that John Taylor died at home on 6 April at the age of 89. Cowley's oldest member, a regular on club nights, and a very active player in our League teams up until late 2019 (recently mostly in division 3), he will be remembered fondly and greatly missed by his fellow chessplayers, not only at Cowley but throughout Oxfordshire and beyond.
Much more than a fellow lover of the game of chess, he was a kind, generous, and modest man; always pleasant company; a true gentleman.
Requiescat in pace.

21 May 2021

Roger Thetford

Ray Starkie Best Game Trophy

Congratulations to Oscar Idle for winning the Ray Starkie Trophy for the best game in the winter 2020 and spring 2021 Mike Duck online tournaments.

Matt Rose, judging, commented

Jon knows the Schliemann pretty well, so I assume he forgot something as Oscar has a dominant position after only 15 moves. I like the fact that Oscar didn't cash in until it was all clear. It got a bit messy, but Oscar handled the complications without panicking. He just kept making good moves - which some say is the way to win chess games!

Oscar's win against Jon Manley is the first game in the PGN file that's at the link below. The other entries follow, in chronological order. To prevent chess-ignorant browsers from mangling the file, ".txt" has been appended to the filename. Right-click to download the file, remove the ".txt" extension, then open the file with your favourite chess program.

Link: documents/RayStarkie_2020-21.pgn.txt
23 Apr 2021

Ian Bush

Recollections of Ian Brooke

Ian was chairman of the City club for nearly 30 years, and was also a former chairman of the OCA as well as organizer of the county Open team for many years.

Simon King, former secretary of the City club, is asking OCA members who knew Ian to send him any personal appreciations, to be collected in a "virtual condolence book". Any photographs -- and particularly any interesting games -- would be most welcome as well. Please send any materials to him at sek@mpr.co.uk. Any written attachments need to be in .doc/.docx/.txt format.

21 Apr 2021

Ian Bush

Ian Brooke

I have just received the very sad news of the death of Ian Brooke. Ian has been a stalwart of the OCA and the Oxford City club for more years than most can remember - a former Chair of the OCA, he ran the Oxfordshire open team, and was been Chairman of the Oxford City club for almost 30 years. He was also an active and more than useful participant (as I know to my cost!) into his nineties, playing right up to when Covid curtailed over the board chess when he won a prize at the last Kidlington tournament. He was also kind enough to go with me to tournaments in the West Country (see link to a picture), and I know over the years he has done similar for many other players in the county.

I know many of us will miss him, especially his positive and generous character, and I am sure all our thoughts go to his family.

Link: https://twitter.com/FromeChess/status/1130117944694980608/photo/1
10 Apr 2021

David Robson

Results of the OCA Blitz @ Cowley - Thursday 8th April

I hope everyone enjoyed the OCA Blitz on Thursday. Thirty-three players took part; the scores can be seen here.

First: Graham McInnes
Second: Stuart MacQueen
Third: Will Burt
Fourth: Simon Terrington
Best Junior (U18): Kenneth Hobson
Best U165: Chris Evans
Best U155: Matt Christensen
Best Junior (U14): Nicholas, Kitaev
Best U145: John Courouble
Best U130: Gary Loyden
Best Slow Starter: Daniel Kitaev
Best Very Slow Starter: Adrian Ng

11 Mar 2021

Roger Thetford

Second Mike Duck Online Tournament - final standings

Congratulations to Oxford City 1 and Cowley 2, who stormed up from mid- table in the first Mick Duck tournament to take the top two places in Mike Duck Two. University 1 pipped Cowley 1 to third place on tie break. The full standings are at the link below.

Don't forget to submit your entries for the Ray Starkie Best Game award to me by 5 April (Easter Monday).

Link: documents/2021_MikeDuck2_FinalStandings.htm
11 Mar 2021

Ian Bush

Covid - ECF Release Guidance on the Easing of the Lockdown

In response to the Government's roadmap for moving out of the lockdown the ECF have recently published a document that details how the changes will affect how we can play chess over the next few months. The link to this document is below, but a couple of important dates are are:

No earlier than 12th April  play chess at home plus limited junior chess indoors

No earlier than 17th May  limited club/ local activity resumes

No earlier than 21st June  start of more general opening up

Details are in the linked document, and of course each club's situation will vary as to how and when they can meet the requirements, but at least and after a long wait there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel!

Link: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/covid-spring-response-pathway/
17 Feb 2021

Ian Bush

OCA Blitz @ Cowley - Result and "Prizewinners"

Forty-two players took part in the OCA Blitz @ Cowley on Monday 15th February, it was great to see so many familiar names taking part, and also a smattering new ones. It was one of the newcomers, Phil Makepeace, who took first prize - As he has recently moved into the area hopefully we shall see him showing us how to do it in the future! A full list of "prizewinners" is below. Many thanks to all those who took part, and especially to Dave Robson who did all the real work in organising the competition.

1st: Phil Makepeace
2nd: Phil Hayward
3rd: Chris Evans
4th: Eldar Alizada
Best Junior: Jan Murawski
Best U165: Pawel Murawski
Best U155: Liam Glenn
Best U145: John Courouble
Best U130: Matt Christensen
Best Slow Starter: Gilbert Csecs
Best Very Slow Starter: Steve Rumsby

03 Jan 2021

Mike Truran

Witney Chess Club Junior Wins British Online Chess Championships Under 16 Blitz

Very many congratulations to Witney Chess Club member Adam Sieczkowski, who is the new British Online Chess Championships Under 16 Blitz Champion with a score of 8/9.

The final table can be found in the link below.

Link: http://chess-results.com/tnr543590.aspx?lan=1&art=1&rd=9&flag=30
15 Dec 2020

David Robson

Cowley Christmas Blitz 2020, Monday 14th December

Because of the pandemic, this year's Cowley Christmas Blitz was hosted on-line, on the Lichess.org platform.  It attracted 35 entrants from 7 different clubs.  262 games were played. More details are available at https://lichess.org/tournament/8UVhoQXQ

Here is the complete list of prizewinners:

1stKenneth Hobson
2ndEldar Alizada
3rdPhil Hayworth
4thWill Burt
Best VisitorGraham McInnes
Best Junior (U18) PlayerJosh Soanes
Best Junior (U14) PlayerPrithvi Chandrashekhar
Best Cowley PlayerOscar Idle
Best U165 PlayerLiam Glenn
Best Cowley U155 PlayerAsif Hameed
Best Visitor U155 PlayerNeil Staples
Best Lady PlayerHeather Lang
Best U145 PlayerJohn Courouble
Best U130 PlayerSteve Rumbsby
Best Ungraded PlayerMousa Bashir
Best Slow StarterGareth Stevens
Best Very Slow StarterKillian Rogan

Link: https://lichess.org/tournament/8UVhoQXQ
03 Dec 2020

Roger Thetford

First Mike Duck Online Tournament - final standings

Congratulations to University 1 and University 2, who took the top two places in the first Mike Duck Online Tournament, and to Cumnor 1 who took third on tie break ahead of Cowley 1 and Didcot 1. The full standings are at the link below.

The Second Mike Duck Online Tournament will follow after Christmas. Please get your entries in (teams of four this time) by midnight on Monday 11 January so that we can make the draw for the first round, to be played in the week starting Monday 18 January.

Link: documents/2020_MikeDuck1_FinalStandings.htm

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