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2023 League Rules


2023 Rule Change Proposals and Other Motions

Proposed Rule Changes 23-24.PDF 2023-24 Proposed Rule Changes and Other Motions to be voted upon at the AGM.

2023 AGM Agenda

Draft AGM Agenda 23-24.PDF 2023 AGM Agenda for Thursday 14th September at Rose Hill Methodist Church.

2022 AGM Rule Change Proposals

2022AGMRuleChangeProposals.pdf Proposed rule changes for the 2022-23 ODCL season to be voted upon at the 2022 OCA AGM. Amended on 10 September 2022.

2022 AGM Agenda

2022 AGM Agenda.pdf Agenda for the 2022 AGM to be held at Rose Hill Methodist Church on Thursday 15 September 2022, beginning at 7.30pm.

OCA Guidance for Clubs and Captains

OCA_Guidance_for_Clubs_and_Captains.pdf Latest version of the OCA's guidance for clubs and team captains. Simplified following the Rule changes agreed at the 2021 AGM (particularly incremental time limits). Includes an appendix on COVID-19 precautions.

This document, produced on behalf of the OCA Committee in accordance with Article 4.1 of the OCA Constitution, contains valuable information and guidance intended to clarify the interpretation and operation of the League Rules, and especially to help clubs and team captains fulfil their responsibilities to maintain and promote fairness and good practice in applying them.

2021 League Rules

OCA_League_Rules_2021.pdf League Rules, as updated by the AGM held on 16 Sep 2021.

2021 AGM Proposals for Rule Changes

2021_AGM_RuleChangeProposals.pdf Rule-change proposals for 2021 AGM (some of them held over from 2020).

2021 AGM Agenda

2021_AGM_Agenda.pdf Agenda for AGM to be held on 16 September 2021 at Rose Hill Methodist Church

Rules for Second Mike Duck Oxfordshire Online Tournament, Jan-Mar 2021

Mike_Duck_2.pdf Rules for the first Mike Duck Oxfordshire Online Tournament, to be played Jan - Mar 2021

2020 League Rules

OCA_League_Rules_2020.pdf League Rules, as updated by the AGM held on 24 Sep 2020.

2020 Constitution

OCA_Constitution_2020.pdf OCA Constitution, as updated by the AGM held on 24 Sep 2020

Rules for Mike Duck Oxfordshire Online Tournament, Winter 2020

OCA_Winter_Online_Swiss_Tournament_Rules.pdf Rules for the first Mike Duck Oxfordshire Online Tournament, to be played October - December 2020

2020 AGM Proposals for Rule Changes

2020_AGM_RuleChangeProposals.pdf General rule-change proposals. See separate document for proposals relating to online chess in 2020-21.

2020 AGM Motions re Online Chess

2020_AGM_Motions_for_online_chess.pdf Final motion will be withdrawn if the penultimate motion is passed.

2019 AGM Proposals

2019_AGM_proposals_issue2.pdf Proposals for AGM to be held at Rose Hill, 19 Sep 2019.

OCA Privacy Statement

OCA_Privacy_Statement.pdf Privacy statement to cover material on this website that is related to the Oxfordshire Chess Association. Last updated 5 November 2018.

Oxon Schools League Rules

Oxon_Schools_League_rules.pdf Updated Schools League rules for 2016-2017 season as agreed at AGM 17 October 2016

Safeguarding Children

OcAsafeguardingchildren2010.pdf Safeguarding Children policy

Fixture Lists


ODCL_Authorised_Fixtures_in_Grid_Format.pdf ODCL_Authorised_Fixtures_in_Grid_Format issue 2 (20 Sep 2023)


ODCL_Authorised_Fixtures_in_Diary_Format.pdf ODCL_Authorised_Fixtures_in_Diary_Format issue 2 (20 Sep 2023)


AGM 2024: Draft Minutes

OCA_AGM_2023.pdf Minutes of the 2023 AGM, for approval at the 2024 AGM.

May 2023 Committee

OCA_Committee_May_2023.pdf Draft minutes of the Association's May committee meeting

AGM 2022: Draft Minutes

OCA_AGM_2022 .pdf Minutes of the 2022 AGM for approval at the 2023 AGM.

May 2022 Committee

OCA_Committee_May_2022.pdf Draft minutes of the Association's May committee meeting

AGM 2021: Draft minutes

OCA_AGM_2021_v2.pdf Minutes of the 2021 AGM plus supporting papers, for approval at the 2022 AGM.

May 2021 Committee

OCA_Committee_May_2021.pdf Draft minutes of the Association's May committee

AGM 2020: Draft Minutes

OCA_AGM_2020.pdf Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting, for approval at the next AGM.

May 2020 Committee

OCA_Committee_May_2020.pdf Draft minutes of the Association's May committee meeting

AGM 2019: Draft minutes

OCA AGM 2019.pdf Draft for approval at the 2020 AGM.

EGM 27 Aug 2019

OCA EGM August 2019.pdf Draft minutes of the recent Extraordinary General Meeting, together with the proposals discussed.

May 2019 Committee

OCA Committee May 2019.pdf Draft minutes of the Association's May committee meeting.

AGM 2018: Reports and Proposals

OCA Papers 2017-18.pdf A full set of the reports and proposals relevant to the 2018 AGM.

AGM 2018: Draft Minutes

OCA AGM 2018.pdf Draft for approval at the 2019 AGM. Refers to the collected AGM Papers also uploaded here.

2016 AGM - draft minutes

AGM16_Minutes.txt Draft minutes for 2016 AGM Subject to correction and approval at the 2017 AGM

2015 Oxon Junior Chess AGM minutes

AGM_minutes_14-10-15.pdf Minutes of Oxon Schools League / Oxon Junior Chess AGM held on 14 October 2015

2014 Oxon Junior Chess AGM minutes

AGM_minutes_25_09_14.pdf Minutes of Oxon Schools League / Oxon Junior Chess AGM held on 25 September 2014

2013 Oxon Schools League AGM Minutes

Schools_League_AGM_minutes_15_11_13.pdf Minutes from Schools League/Oxon Junior Chess AGM held on 15 November 2013 at MCS

2012 Oxon Schools League AGM Minutes

AGM_minutes_18_10_12.pdf Minutes from Schools League AGM held 18 October 2012

2006 AGM Minutes

2006_AGM_minutes.doc Minutes of the 2006 AGM, held at Cowley Community Centre on 14 Sep 2006.

2006 Committee Meeting

2006-05-18_Committee.doc Minutes of committee meeting 18 May 2006.

2005 AGM minutes

2005_AGM_minutes.doc Minutes of AGM held on 15 Sep 2005.

2005 Committee Meeting

2005-05_Committee.doc Minutes of committee meeting 12 May 2005

2004 AGM

2004_AGM_minutes.doc Minutes of OCA AGM, 16 Sep 2004 at Magdalen College School.


Starred Players List 2023-2024

Starred Players for 2023-2024.pdf Starred Players list for 2023-2024, referred to in news post

2022-23 OCA Prize Winners

2022-23 OCA Prize Winners.pdf

Oxon U9 & U11 entry form 2021-2022

Oxon_U9_and_U11_trials_2022.pdf Entry form for Oxon U9 & U11 county team trials (Oxon Junior Chess Championship) 2021-2022

Oxon Junior Chess Championship 2021-2022

Oxon_U13_U15_U18_tournament_2022.pdf Entry form and rules for Oxon Junior Chess Championship 2021-2022 (U13, U15 & U18)

Second Mike Duck Tournament: Final Standings

2021_MikeDuck2_FinalStandings.htm Final standings for the Spring 2021 Second Mike Duck OCA Online Tournament.

First Mike Duck Tournament: starred players

Mike_Duck_1_Starred_Players.pdf List of starred players

LJCC qualifier Oxon 10 Nov 2019

2019_LJCC_Oxon.pdf Entry form for Oxon qualifier for London Junior Chess Championships 2019

Seb makes Magnus Carlsen's move!

Seb and Magnus.jpg Oxfordshire junior Seb Watkins was selected to make Magnus Carlsen's opening move in the last round of the London Classic. What an honour, and at the historic tournament where Carlsen broke Kasparov's all time grading record. Seb suggested d4 (as can be seen) but after the photographs ended Magnus elected to play 1.e4 and drew a fine game with Vishy Anand. Well done Seb, I hope you enjoyed it.

Blank results card for ODCL

ODCL_BlankResultCard.pdf Blank form for on-the-night recording of match results. Two matches per page. Both captains should sign and the result should be submitted on the website or to the League Secretary by e-mail. Home captain keeps the signed copy in case of a dispute.

The Right Move, issue 21

RightMove21.pdf Issue 21 of The Right Move, a junior magazine published by the English Chess Federation, includes an article on the junior tournament run by Witney Chess Club in October 2008.

Rules for Quick-play Finishes

QuickPlayFinishes.doc (updated 2001) Do you know how the two-minute rule operates when no arbiter is present? Print this out, post a copy on the noticeboard and keep a second one with the match sets.

ODCL Tables 2003-04

ODCLtables2003-04.htm Final tables and all match results from the 2003-04 season.

Reports from Officers


Graders_Report_2023.pdf Details of events graded by the Oxfordshire Grader.


Graders_Report_2022.docx This give details of Results Submissions to the ECF Database.

2020-21 Junior Report

2021_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Junior Report for 2021 AGM

2021 AGM Treasurer's Report

2021_Treasurer.pdf Treasurer's report for 2021 AGM

2020-21 OCA Accounts

2020-21_Accounts.pdf Accounts for the 2020-21 season, for the 2021 AGM.

2020 AGM Treasurer's Report


2019-20 OCA Accounts


2020 AGM Secretary's Report


2018-19 OCA Accounts (revised)


Oxfordshire U150 County Team Report 2019-2020

Under150Report201920.doc County Under 150 team Report 2109-2020

Open Team Report 2019-20

Oxon Open team report 2019-20.docx

Graders Report 2020

Graders Report 2020.pdf Details of events sent to the ECF.

2018-19 OCA Accounts

2018-19_Accounts.pdf Accounts for the 2018-19 season, as presented at the 2019 AGM.

2019 AGM Secretary's Report

2019_AGM_Secretary.pdf Secretary's report on the 2018-19 season, for 2019 OCA AGM.

2019 AGM Treasurer's Report

2019_AGM_Treasurer.pdf Treasurer's report on the 2018-19 Accounts, for 2019 OCA AGM.

U150 Team Report 2018-2019

U150Report20182019.doc U150 Team Report 2018-2019

Open Team Report 2018-19

Oxon Open team report 2018-19.docx

Graders Report 2019

Graders Report 2019.pdf The Oxford League and the Schools league are still in progress.

Honours for season 2017-18

Honours_2017-18.pdf Honours and individual awards for Season 2017-18.

Oxon Junior Chess 2017-18 report

2018_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Report for OCA AGM on junior chess activities in Oxfordshire during the 2017-18 season

Treasurers report for Season 2017/18

Treasurer's Report 2017-18.docx Treasurers' Report for 2017/18

Treasurer's Accounts for 2017/18

OCA Accounts 2017-18.xlsx Treasurer's Accounts for 2017/18

Secretarial report for Season 2017/18

AGM18 _Secretary.txt Secretarial report for season 2017/18 to be presented at 2018 AGM

League Defaults for season 2017/18

AGM17_18_Defaults.ods Shows league defaults for Season 2017/18

Oxfordshire Individual Championship Organiser's Report for 2017-18

Oxfordshire Individual Chess Championship Report.pdf from Gerard O'Reilly

Oxon U160 Team report for 2017/18

Oxon U160 report 2017-18.doc Oxon U160 team report for 2017/18 from Stephen Rumsby

Graders Report for 2017/18

Graders Report 2018.docx Graders report, compiled by Peter Hemmings who is unable to come to the meeting owing to holidays

Oxon Open Team report for 2017/18

Oxon Open team report 2017-18 v3.docx Oxon Open team Report from Rod Langham

2017 AGM - Junior report

2017_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Report on junior chess activities in Oxfordshire during 2016-17 season as presented at the OCA AGM on 21 September 2017

Under 150 Team Report 2016-2017


Secretary's report for season 2016/17

COMM17_Secretary.pdf Secretary's report for season 2016/17, as presented at Committee Meeting in June

Treasurers report 2016/17

Treasurer's Report to Sep 2017 AGM.docx

OCA Accounts 2016/17

OCA Accounts 2016-17.xlsx

Open Team Report 2016-17 Version 2

Oxon Open team report 2016-17 v2.doc Open team Report updated - from Open Team Captain Rod Langham

Graders Report for 2016-2017

Graders Report 2017.docx A table showing events submitted to the ECF.

2015 AGM - Junior Report

2015_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Report on junior chess activities in Oxfordshire during 2014-15 season as presented at the 2016 OCA AGM

2016 AGM - Junior Report

2016_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Report on junior chess activities in Oxfordshire during 2015-16 season as presented at the OCA AGM

Graders Report 2016

Graders Report 2016.pdf This lists the events submitted to the ECF for grading during the 2015-2016 season.

2014 AGM - junior report

2014_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Report on junior chess activities in Oxfordshire during 2013-14 season as presented at the OCA AGM

2013 AGM - Junior report

2013_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Junior Liaison Officer's report as presented to 2013 OCA AGM

2012 AGM - Junior Report

junior report 2011-12.pdf Report from Junior Liaison Officer to the 2012 AGM.

2010 AGM - Junior Report

2010_JuniorReport.doc Report from Junior Liaison Officer to the 2010 AGM.

2009 AGM - Junior Report

2009_JuniorReport.doc Report from Junior Liaison Officer to the 2009 AGM.

2008 - Grader's Report

2008GradersReport.pdf List of 2007-08 tournaments and leagues that were submitted for grading. Does not include player grades.

2007 AGM - Junior Report

2007_JuniorReport.doc Report from Junior Liaison Officer to the 2006 AGM.

2007 AGM - Secretary's Report

2007_secretary.doc Report from the Secretary to the 2007 AGM.

2007 report from ECF / SCCU representative

2007_EcfSccuReport.doc Rod Langham's report to 2007 AGM.

2006 AGM - Junior Report

2006_JuniorReport.doc Report from Junior Liaison Officer to the 2006 AGM.