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04 Mar 2023

Nigel Moyse

Oxfordshire draw away to Berkshire

Oxfordshire drew their match away to Berkshire today, Saturday 4th March 2023. This leaves us top on 7 points with a nail-biting end to the season as Hampshire have two games in hand and 4 points. If they draw or lose a match we will surely win. If they win both we will be a good second...

15 Feb 2023

Ian Bush

Yichen Han Wins The Oxfordshire County Individual Championship

With the superb score of 8.5/10 in the Witney and Kidlington Tournaments Yichen Han of Magdalen College School has won the Oxfordshire County Individual Championship, the second year in a row the title has been won by a junior.

Second equal were Mike Handley (Cowley) and Nigel Moyse (Cumnor) on 5.5, and Phil Hayward (City) was fourth on 5.

11 Feb 2023

James Cole

Change Of Didcot 3 Captain

Please note that Paul Bizzell is now acting captain for Didcot 3 until the end of the 2022-23 season. His contact details are available for other captains as necessary.

30 Jan 2023

Ian Bush

Oxfordshire County Individual Championship

The Kidlington tournament, which takes place on the Sat 4th- Sun 5th February, forms the second half of the Oxfordshire Individual Championship, the first half being the Witney tournament which was played last November. The winner is the Oxfordshire resident who has the highest combined score in the Open section two tournaments; precise eligibility requirements are described in the link below. The scores I intend to take forward from the Witney tournament are as follows:

Han Yichen 4.5
Moyse Nigel 3.0
Hobson Kenneth 2.5
Handley Michael R 2.5
Hayward Philip T 2.5
Zakarian Dimitrios Levon 2.5
Moss Thomas D 1.5
Sieczkowski Adam 1.0

If anybody thinks I have missed them out, made a mistake in a score, or for any other queries about the Individual Championship, please contact me at ianbush@kidlingtonchess.org.uk

Link: https://kidlingtonchess.org.uk/oxfordshire-individual-championship-2022-23/
16 Jan 2023

Anna Bishop

Oxon Junior Chess Trials and Championship Results

The Oxon Junior Chess Trials and Championships were held at Cumnor 
Primary School on the weekend of 8/9 Jan 2023.  There were over 100 
entries across the four sections: U9, U11, U13, U15/18.  The tournament 
had a very positive feel to it, lots of enthusiasm from participants and 
organisers alike.

Congratulations to the 2023 champions:

U9: Aden Kennedy 
U11: Aden Kennedy 
U13: Elon Khoo 
U15: Yichen Han (also overall U15/18 section winner)
U18: Ewan Bridson
U18G: Tashika Arora

There will also be chess clock prizes for the top performing schools (to 
be announced soon).

Full cross-tables can be viewed using the link below.

Many thanks to the accommodating staff at Cumnor Primary School, Joe 
Conlon (U9, U11 chief arbiter), Keith Freshwater (U13, U15/18 chief 
arbiter), John Place, David Zakarian, Nigel Moyse (assistant arbiters), 
Andrew Varney (book stall and emergency manual pairer), Jules Kennedy 
(U9 team captain), Julie Gray (U11G team captain) and Hilary Greaves 
(all round help).

Those children who did well in the U9 and U11 sections will have the 
opportunity to represent Oxfordshire in the forthcoming EPSCA qualifiers 
and finals. The U11G final will be hosted at Cheney School in Oxford on 
25th March 2023.
Link: http://results.utuswiss.co.uk/
01 Dec 2022

Peter Hemmings

New codes for new players

A recent submission of results have assigned ECF codes to new players. These may be seen in the link below.

Link: https://www.ecfrating.org.uk/v2/submit/list_player_codes.php?event_code=PHOL23
30 Nov 2022

James Cole

Frank Wood Shield

The Frank Wood Shield draw has been completed and has now been added to the competitions section of the website.

27 Nov 2022

James Cole

Banbury Change Of Venue

Banbury have changed their venue to Hanwell Fields Community Centre, Rotary Way, Banbury, OX16 1ER.

04 Nov 2022

Roger Thetford

Rating categories

New results submitted after today, and any old results that are resubmitted, will show the rating categories (A, H, K or P) as well as the ratings themselves. See the ECF's explanation of rating categories for what these mean.

01 Nov 2022

James Cole

2022-23 Starred Players

The starred players for the 2022-23 ODCL season are as follows:

Cumnor 1: Nalin Kadodwala, Ian Bush, Nigel Moyse
Cowley 1: Mike Handley, Kenneth Hobson, Will Burt
City 1: Stuart White, Phil Hayward, Jan Murawski
Banbury 1: James Jackson, George Vikanis, Gary Jackson
University 1: Rowland Kerr, Max French, Nicky Bacon
University 2: Justin Liu, Andrei Horatiu Eftime, Evariste Moquet
Witney 1: Dave Hackett, Tomasz Rudny, Adam Sieczkowski

Witney 2: Matt Holmes, Alan Gentry, Danny O'Byrne
Wantage 1: Andy Robbings, Peter Dove, John Carter
Didcot 1: Joseph Conlon, Andrejs Olehnovics, Nick Gough
Didcot 2: Ville Uski, Mike Fitzgerald, Connor McGurk
City 2: Dougal Main, Alex Bowring, Shambavi Hariharan
Cowley 2: David Robson, Jerome Wendling, Bob Waugh

01 Nov 2022

Ian Bush

Oxfordshire Individual Chess Championship 2022-23

Oxfordshire Individual Chess Championship 2022-23

The Open section at this weekend's Witney Chess Congress incorporates the first leg of the 2022-23 Oxfordshire Individual Chess Championship. (The second leg is incorporated in the Open section of the 44th Kidlington Chess Tournament, which will be held on 4 & 5 February.) The title of Oxfordshire Chess Champion and the Championship Trophy will go to the eligible player with the highest combined score in the Open sections of the two events.

A player will count as eligible to win the title of Oxfordshire Champion provided that either
(i) his or her (main) home at the time of both events is in Oxfordshire, or
(ii) he or she has played a total of at least four games either for a club in the Oxfordshire Chess Association League or representing the Oxfordshire team in the Chiltern League before the end of January in the season in which the Witney and Kidlington events are held.

In the event of eligible players being tied for the highest combined number of points, the title will be shared.

In clause (i) above, the point of speaking of a player's "main home" is that, for example, Oxfordshire students who may be residing away from home in their university town during term will be regarded as eligible for the Oxfordshire Individual Championship if their parental home to which they return during university vacations is in Oxfordshire. Those studying in Oxfordshire, and others whose main home is outside Oxfordshire, will be eligible for the Individual Championship if they satisfy clause (ii) above by playing the requisite four games.

If you have any further questions about eligibility, please contact Ian Bush at the link below.

Link: https://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/GetUser.cfm?EditItem=669
24 Oct 2022

Ian Bush

Your County Needs You!

Nigel Moyse is urgently looking for players for the county team! Oxfordshire play in the Chiltern League along with Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. We thus have 6 games a year, 3 at home (played at Cumnor) and 3 away, which are played on Saturday afternoons with teams of 20 on each side, and a time control of 2 hours for all moves. If you are interested in playing please contact Nigel on the link below, and especially if you are free this Saturday (29th Oct 2022) as time is getting short and we still need players!

Link: https://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/GetUser.cfm?EditItem=726
01 Sep 2022

James Cole

2022 AGM Agenda and Rule Change Proposals

The 2022 AGM agenda and rule change proposals for the 2022-23 have now been published within the Admin Documents section of the website (link below). The 2022 AGM will be held at Rose Hill Methodist Church beginning at 7.30pm on Thursday 15 September.

Link: GetDocuments.cfm?Org=1

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