Oxfordshire Junior Chess

Oxfordshire Junior Chess

This page collects together items from the Oxfordshire Chess website that have been flagged as being relevant for juniors. The items are collected under the following headings:

In addition to the junior-only clubs, several of the open clubs have junior sections. Cowley and Witney are currently the most active.


No cups are currently in progress.

Leagues in progress

Rules of the Oxon Schools Chess League

2017-2018 U11 Graded Pool A updated 02 Feb 2018 Player records
2017-2018 U11 Graded Pool B updated 08 Feb 2018 Player records
2017-2018 U11 Ungraded Pool updated 21 Jan 2018 Player records
2017-2018 U13 Graded updated 23 Jan 2018 Player records
2017-2018 U18 Graded updated 08 Dec 2017 Player records
2017-2018 U9 Pool A updated 29 Jan 2018 Player records
2017-2018 U9 Pool B updated 04 Feb 2018 Player records

Latest News Items

04 Feb 2018

Andrew Varney

New junior chess club in Oxford

A new junior chess club in Oxford has recently been announced: St. 
Giles' Chess Club beginning Wednesday 21st February and Friday 23rd 
February just after half term.

There will be a club each Wednesday evening in term time between 7.30pm 
and 8.30pm at St. Giles' Church for over 11's, and each Friday between 
4.15pm and 5.15pm at St. Giles' Church for under 11's.

Children will be registered with the English Chess Federation, and will 
have the opportunity to obtain an ECF grading. The ECF Certificates of 
Excellence scheme will also be offered at Bronze, Silver and Gold 

The intention in the longer term is to form a team of junior players to 
compete in the Oxfordshire Chess League, initially in the fourth 
division and hopefully progressing to the first division and even the 
first division title! There will also be opportunities to play matches 
against schools and other clubs.

If you are interested in registering your child as a member of the 
Chess Club, please contact Rod Nixon for further details.


Rod Nixon - St. Giles' Chess Club

Link: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/GetClubs.cfm?Org=1&junior=yes
11 Nov 2017

Andrew Varney

Inter-county girls friendly tournament

On Sunday 29 October, Oxfordshire Junior Chess hosted a 4-county girls' chess tournament. In addition to Oxfordshire, the adjacent counties of Berkshire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire took part in the event which was held at Headington Prep School. Matches were played over 8 boards in each of two sections: Under 11 and Under 18.

The Under 11 section was amazingly close, almost a four-way tie, the difference between first and fourth place coming down to just one game point! Marc Ives, the U11 Oxfordshire girls' team manager, writes
"The U11 girls fought in the most incredibly tight competition at Headington Prep School on Sunday 29th October. Right until the last board had finished of the whole competition, it could have been a 4 way tie on 4 points. In the end, Oxfordshire came 4th, but played some fantastic chess with some super wins by all the players. We'll be back stronger and aiming to win next time!!"

Despite the teams being reasonably close in terms of average grades for the teams, the results in the Under 18 section were far more definitive. The words of Duncan Young, the Oxfordshire U18 girls' team manager, sum it up nicely:
"Errr... we won! Comprehensively. "

From everything I have heard, from the team managers and from parents, it was a great day for girls' chess. Thank you to the Oxfordshire girls' teams' managers, Elliot Kendall (Oxon U9 team manager) for acting as my deputy for most of the day and clearing up, Alex Holowczak for running the tournament itself, Headington School for the venue and Kidlington Congress for the loan of the equipment. Andrew Varney

Link: http://chess-results.com/tnr310112.aspx?lan=1&art=0&wi=821
02 Apr 2017

Andrew Varney

Oxon U11 girls team

Oxfordshire Under 11 Girls team recently competed in the EPSCA final. 
This took place on the same weekend, and at the same venue, that 
Oxfordshire were winning the Under 14 Minor section of the SCCU Junior 

Unfortunately the team was missing a fair number of the stronger 
players, but this gave a chance for others to compete at the top level 
on higher boards, and others who would otherwise have been in the 
reserves tournament to play for the main team.

The team did not come last! The results do not do justice to how close 
some of the games were, and all of the girls are to be congratulated 
for their positive team spirit. Over half the team's points came from 
strong performances from Sana Kassey on board 3 and Asha Seymour on 
board 12. Full results can be found at the link below.

Next year Oxfordshire will be hosting the EPSCA U11 girls final, and I 
am hoping that we will be able to put a bigger focus on Oxfordshire 
girls' chess in the year leading up to that.
Link: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/epsca/TeamsOverall.cfm?EventID=101
01 Apr 2017

Andrew Varney

SCCU Junior Jamboree - Oxon winners

After some teething problems with setting up teams for the Southern 
Counties Chess Union Junior Jamboree, Oxfordshire fielded a team of six 
in the U14 minor section. The event took place at Orleans School in 
Twickenham on March 26th and comprised three rounds of standard games. 
The consistent strong performance of the team earned them the first 
place and each player came home with a trophy. Well done!

Warmest thanks to everyone who entered the competition, including those 
who could not go due to insufficient numbers of players in their 

Ola Murawska (team manager)


12 Mar 2017

Andrew Varney

Oxford win EPSCA U9 south zonal!

Exciting news from David Zakarian, Oxon's EPSCA U9 team manager:

"In spite of the failure to qualify to the EPSCA finals from the South Zonal tournament last year, the Oxfordshire U9 teams recent results were quite reassuring, allowing us to speak about good chances to qualify. The results of the 2017 zonal held at Kennet School, Thatcham, proved wrong even our most optimistic predictions. In the afternoon of 11 March, while the University of Oxford was slowly but surely outplaying the Cambridge University team in the annual 135th Varsity match, the Oxfordshire U9 juniors were collecting invaluable points in their matches against opponents from 8 other counties. Eventually, after scoring 27½ out of 36 possible, Oxfordshire won the 1st place, coming 1 point ahead of the last years winner Sussex. Congratulations to all players both on the main boards and the reserves, as well as to all parents and coaches who contributed, in one way or another, to this success! It was a magnificent team effort, in which all players showed absolute determination and great perseverance!"

For results from the main tournament see the link below.

Link: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/epsca/TeamsOverall.cfm?EventID=95
11 Feb 2017

Andrew Varney

Oxon Junior tournament results

The full results for the Oxon Junior tournament held on 7-8 January 
2017 are available on the results section of this website. The 2016-17 
season champions are:

Under 18        Zoe Varney               
Under 15        Elizaveta Sheremetyeva  
Under 13        Bill Read       
Under 11        Ben Aubury & Dimitrios Zakarian (equal on tie-breaks)
Under 9         Ivan Chetverikov

Under 18 School   Cherwell
Under 11 School   St Joseph's* (on tie-break)
* clock prize awarded to MCS as St Joseph's were winners previous season.

Link: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/GetTournamentResults.cfm
11 Feb 2017

Andrew Varney

Oxon U9 team inter-county friendly results

On Sunday 5 February, David Zakarian left the Kidlington Congress a round early in order to manage an Oxon Under 9 team in an inter- county match in Newbury.

After the match David wrote:

"Oxfordshire Junior U9 team had a wonderful tournament, coming second out of eight teams in the overall standings. Congratulations to all the players! Every single member of the team contributed to this success and I hope they all have learnt something from this invaluable experience. Special thanks to all the parents and guardians who dedicated one more Sunday to their childrens chess adventures!"

Full results can be found at:

Link: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/epsca/TeamsOverall.cfm?EventID=92
04 Dec 2013

Andrew Varney

Top Schools in Oxon Junior Tournament

A prize of an engraved chess clock has traditionally been awarded for 
the top performance by an Oxfordshire school in the Oxfordshire Junior 
chess tournament. At the Oxon Junior Chess AGM held on 15 November 2013, 
it was agreed to resurrect this tradition this year and henceforth, with 
one important amendment, that there be two chess clocks awarded, one 
each in primary school (U11, year 6 and below) and secondary school 
(U18, year 7 and above) sections. Where schools have players in each 
section (e.g. prep schools taking pupils up to year 8), the players are 
allocated to their relevant section for calculation of the results.

The basis of the calculation is that the top four scores in the relevant 
sections count. In addition, no school may win the prize on two 
consecutive occasions.

Discounting those from outside Oxfordshire, this year (2013) there were 
entries from 31 different schools, 14 with entries from year 6 and below 
(primary) only, 14 with entries from year 7 and above (secondary) only, 
and 3 with entries at both primary and secondary school level. The 
numbers of entries and totals of the top 4 scores are given below.

Primary (under 11) 

School				Entrants	Score (top 4 players)
Summer Fields			4 		13.5			
MCS				5		13			
William Fletcher		4		10.5			
SS Mary & John			4		10
Cumnor PS			2		6.5
Wolvercote			2		6
Caldecott			1		5
Batt				1		4
Appleton			1		4
West Kidlington			1		3
St Andrews, Headington		1		3
St Aloysius			1		3
Headington			2		2
Dragon				1		2
NCS				1		2
St Josephs, Thame		1		0
Chandlings			1		0

Secondary (under 18) 

School				Entrants	Score (top 4 players) 
MCS				6		15			
Oxford Spires			3		9			
Abingdon			2		6.5			
Leckford Place			2		6
OHS				2		6
Henry Box			3		4.5
St Bartholomew, Eynsham	        1		4.5
Matthew Arnold		        2		4
Cherwell			2		3.5
Chipping Norton		        1		3.5
Headington			1		3.5
Summer Fields			1		3.5
Marlborough			1		3.5
Kingham Hill			1		3.5
St Edwards			1		2.5
Cooper School, Bicester		1		1.5
Christ Church CS		1		1	

Congratulations to Summer Fields, who appear to have a particularly 
strong set of chess players this year, for edging ahead of the always-
strong MCS to win the U11 award. Congratulations to MCS for winning the 
U18 section convincingly, and to Oxford Spires who, as runners-up, will 
be awarded the prize of the chess clock, since MCS were winners on the 
previous occasion a clock was presented.


29 Nov 2013

Andrew Varney

Schools League AGM minutes and revised rules

The minutes of the Oxon Schools League (Oxon Junior) AGM held at MCS on 
November and the revised Schools League rules for the 2013-14 season 
approved at that meeting are now available to read at the documents 
section of the OCA website:

Link: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/GetDocuments.cfm
11 Nov 2013

Andrew Varney

Oxfordshire Junior tournament 2013

The 2013 Oxfordshire junior chess tournament was held on Sunday 3 November at MCS. There were 82 entrants, with a good number in the Under 14 and Under 16 sections as well as the U10s and U12s which were qualifiers for the London Junior Chess Championships. There were a number of good players new to the Oxfordshire chess scene as well as top players from outside the county. Hence the standard of play was quite high, with even some familiar names being edged out of the qualification zone. Full cross-tables and final standings can be found at the link below.

Link: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/GetTournamentResults.cfm

More news...

Tournament Results (last two years)


06 Jan 2018: Oxfordshire Junior Chess Championships 2017-18

The Oxfordshire Junior Chess Championships for 2017-18 were held at Cumnor PS on 6-7 January 2018.

The sections were:

Under 9    Oxon team trials 6-round Rapid Play (ungraded) Saturday 6 January 
Under 11   Oxon team trials 6-round Rapid Play (ECF graded) Sunday 6 January 
Under 13, Under 15 and Under 18 combined as one 6-round 2-day Standard Play tournament

The individual prize winners were:

Under 9   Champions     Jan Murawski       St Joseph's 5.5/6 (=TB 1&2)
                        Jamie Sarisky      Phil & Jim  
          Runner-up     Jacob Iliffe       MCS         5/6
          3rd place     Charlie Lambert    Chandlings  4/6   (SOP)

Under 11  Champion      Amaan Kassey       MCS         5.5/6 (SOP)
          Runner-up     Dimitrios Zakarian CCCS        5.5/6
          3rd place     Tashika Arora      OHS         5/6   (SOP)

Under 13  Champion      Hari Selvaraj      MCS         4.5/6
          Runner-up     Leonora Ives       SS Hel/Kats 4/6   (=U15) 

Under 15  Champions     Bill Read          Wood Farm   4/6   (no TB)
                        Josh Soanes        Bartholomew 4/6

Under 18  Champion      Liza Sheremetyeva  OHS         6/6

The school competitions were won by:

Under 18 School   Cherwell*
Under 11 School   MCS* (on tie-break)
* clock prizes awarded to Abingdon School and St Joseph's as Cherwell and MCS were awarded the clock prizes the previous season.

Many thanks to all who were involved beforehand and on the day including:
Kathryn Gillow (entries & many other tasks), Priscilla Morris (U13/U15/U18 arbiter), John Place, David Zakarian, Elliot Kendall, Marc Ives, Asif Hameed (controllers & pairings - U9 & U11), Ola Murawska & Sameer Kassey (results posting) and probably others I have forgotten [sorry!]. Thanks also to Cumnor PS for providing the venue, Kidlington Congress for equipment loan and Hacketts for catering.
U9 cross table U11 cross table U13-U15-U18 cross table U13-U15-U18 results Primary school results Secondary school results


29 Apr 2017: Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge - Oxon Megafinal 2017

The 2017 Oxfordshire Megafinal was held at Cokethorpe School, Witney, on Saturday 29 April. The number of entries was down about 10% from the previous year, despite boundary changes (Oxfordshire now includes Botley and Cumnor!) and direct entries being allowed from secondary-school aged children. About 230 children took part and there were 20 adults in the team of volunteer helpers.

The titles were awarded to:
U18 Supremo - Donald Proko (Cheney); Suprema - Anna Wang (OHS)
U17 Supremo - N/A; Suprema - Stephi Bourliakas (Bartholomew)
U16 Supremo - Daniel Varney (D'Overbroecks); Suprema - Aysu Ismayilova (Cowley)
U15 Supremo - Vijay Keshav (MCS); Suprema - Elizaveta Sheremetyeva (OHS)
U14 Supremo - Muhammad Ismayilov (Cherwell); Suprema - Imogen Young (Didcot GS)
U13 Supremo - Ross Tselos (CCCS); Suprema - Eva Wang (OHS)
U12 Supremo - Hari Selvaraj (MCS); Suprema - Leonora Ives (SS Helen & Catherine)
U11 Supremo - Hugo Rayner (William Fletcher); Suprema - Sana Kassey (OHS/Ojays)
U10 Supremo - David Balbus (MCS); Suprema - Frida Ives (Appleton/Ojays)
U9 Supremo - Dimitrios Zakarian (Ojays); Suprema - Andrea Antoniadou (Headington)
U8 Supremo - Royce Zeng (St Josephs); Suprema - Cecilia Kendall (Headington)
U7 Supremo - Alex Hertog (SS Phil & Jim); Suprema - Rhianne Terrado (St Josephs)

Cross-tables: U7 U8B U8G U9B U9G U10 U11B U11G U12 U13 U14 U15-U18

All of the above and all other players who scored 4 points or more (3.5 points or more for U12 and above) qualify to play in the Southern or Northern Gigafinals in July. See the Delancey UK Chess Challenge site for more details, where you can also find a summary results Excel file from the Oxon Megafinal.

Many thanks to the volunteer helpers including section controllers and those in charge of pairings and results (Jenny Cooke, John Place, Claire Soanes, Tim Dickinson, Alan Kennedy, David Zakarian, Richard Dodd, Marc Ives, Sameer Kassey, Duncan Young, Ara Arutshyan, Ola Murawska and Asif Hameed), those manning information points and sorting out prizes (Charlotte Rayner, Rebecca Sitsapesan, Sue Varney, Tim Onions and Maria Gomez), car park marshals (Gareth Stevens, Ed Read and several of those already listed above) and many other parents and children who helped set up and pack up equipment. Thank you also to Cokethorpe School for provision of an excellent venue and for the catering, Mike Truran for help in securing the venue and presenting the trophies and to those who loaned equipment (Kidlington Congress, MCS, Witney Chess Club, St Josephs Primary School and Oxon Junior Chess). U13 U14 U15-18 U11G U12

01 Apr 2017: Grove Junior Tournament

Sponsored by the Wantage Rotary Club; organised by Peter Hemmings and members of Wantage Chess Club.

Under 8 (incl U7) Under 10 (incl U9) Open (incl U11)

07 Jan 2017: Oxon Junior tournament 2016-17 (Schools Results)

The Oxfordshire Junior Chess Championships held over the weekend of 7-8 January 2017 incorporated the Oxfordshire Schools competition.

Both U9 and U11 tournament results counted for the Primary School prize, with the top result of the two counting for those who played on both days. An impressive 33 different Oxfordshire schools were represented in this section! St Joseph's and MCS accounted for over a third of the competitors, and not surprisingly were the top two schools. The prize is awarded to MCS as St Joseph's were last season's recipients.

The school competition is based on:
1.	Four top scoring players from each school.
a.	If a player played in both sections, only his/her top score of the two is counted.
b.	In the case of less than four players from a school, all players count.
2.	If there is a tie on points considering the top four players, the next top scoring player is considered until the tie is broken (either because one score was higher or because one school has more players to consider).
3.	If there is a tie on this basis, the school entering more players is put higher on the list.

1.	St Joseph's              top 4 = 17.5 (top 7 =29.5)
2.	MCS                      top 4 = 17.5 (top 7 =29.0)
3.	SSMJ                     top 4 = 15.5

The Secondary School competition was based on results in the Under 13 - Under 18 junior championships, in which competitors from 11 eligible schools took part. The winner of the clock prize is Cherwell School, beating MCS to it by half a point.

Primary School (U11) results Secondary School (U18) results

07 Jan 2017: Oxon Junior Chess Championships (U13-U18) 2016-17

The Oxon Junior Chess Championships 2016-17 was a 2-day standard play event.
The winners of the titles and trophies for each age group were: 
Under 18        Zoe Varney               5/6
Under 15        Elizaveta Sheremetyeva  4.5/6
Under 13        Bill Read               4.5/6

A full cross-table is attached.
Final cross-table U13-U18 tournament

07 Jan 2017: Oxon Under 9 & Under 11 team county trials 2017

Cross tables from the Oxon U9 county team trials held on 7 January 2017 and the U11 county team trials held on 8 January 2017, both at Cumnor PS with a record number of entrants. U9 trials results U11 trials results

More tournament results...


Junior Liaison

Contact Andrew Varney
Notes Responsible for reporting junior activities to the OCA, and acting as a contact point for enquiries. Not necessarily responsible for organising Oxon junior teams.
Last updated 01 Jun 2013. The owner of this entry is Andrew Varney.

Oxon Chiltern League Junior Captain

Contact Steven Bennett
Notes ...for the Chiltern League competition starting autumn 2008, with mixed senior and junior teams.
Last updated 01 Jun 2013. The owner of this entry is Steven Bennett.

Oxon EPSCA U11 County Team Manager

Contact David Zakarian
Notes Selects and manages county U11 team for EPSCA inter-association championships.
Last updated 29 Dec 2017. The owner of this entry is Andrew Varney.

Oxon EPSCA U11 Girls Team Manager

Contact Marc Ives
Notes Selects and manages the Oxfordshire Under 11 Girls team for the English Primary Schools Chess Association Inter-Association Championships.
EPSCA U11 Girls Page
Last updated 26 Oct 2016. The owner of this entry is Andrew Varney.

Oxon EPSCA U9 County Team Manager

Contact Elliot Kendall
Notes Selects and manages Oxon U9 team for EPSCA inter-association championships.
Last updated 29 Dec 2017. The owner of this entry is Andrew Varney.

Oxon Schools League Secretary

Contact John Place
Last updated 29 Dec 2017. The owner of this entry is Andrew Varney.

Oxon U14 / U130 County Manager

Contact John Place
Notes Open to more experienced players from Y6 to Y9.
Last updated 01 Jun 2013. The owner of this entry is John Place.




County Juniors




Oxon Schools League Rules

Oxon_Schools_League_rules.pdf Updated Schools League rules for 2016-2017 season as agreed at AGM 17 October 2016

Safeguarding Children

OcAsafeguardingchildren2010.pdf Safeguarding Children policy


2014 Oxon Junior Chess AGM minutes

AGM_minutes_25_09_14.pdf Minutes of Oxon Schools League / Oxon Junior Chess AGM held on 25 September 2014

2015 Oxon Junior Chess AGM minutes

AGM_minutes_14-10-15.pdf Minutes of Oxon Schools League / Oxon Junior Chess AGM held on 14 October 2015

2013 Oxon Schools League AGM Minutes

Schools_League_AGM_minutes_15_11_13.pdf Minutes from Schools League/Oxon Junior Chess AGM held on 15 November 2013 at MCS

2012 Oxon Schools League AGM Minutes

AGM_minutes_18_10_12.pdf Minutes from Schools League AGM held 18 October 2012


Oxon Junior Championships 2017-2018 entry form

Oxon_2017-2018_U18.pdf Entry form for Oxon Junior Championships (U18/U15/U13) 2017-2018

Oxon U9 & U11 county trials 2018

Oxon U9 and U11 trials 2018.pdf Invitation and entry form for 2018 U9 and U11 Oxon county team trials

Oxon U9 & U11 county trials 2018

Oxon U9 and U11 trials 2018.pdf Invitation and entry form for 2018 U9 and U11 Oxon county team trials

Oxon UKCC 2017 Last Chance Saloon entry form

UKCC_last_chance_saloon_2017.pdf Entry form for Oxon's 2017 Last Chance Saloon for Delancey UKCC

Oxfordshire Junior Chess Championships (U13, U15, U18)

Oxon_2016-2017_U18.pdf Entry form for Oxfordshire Junior Chess Championships 2016-17. A Standard Play tournament to be held on 7-8 January 2017.

Oxon U9 and U11 county trials 2017 (Word)

Oxon U9 and U11 trials 2017.docx Invitation/entry form for Under 9 and Under 11 Oxfordshire EPSCA team trials in January 2017.

Oxon U9 and U11 county trials 2017 (PDF)

Oxon U9 and U11 trials 2017.pdf Invitation/entry form for Under 9 and Under 11 Oxfordshire EPSCA team trials in January 2017.

Oxon U9 and U11 county trials 2017 (PDF)

Oxon U9 and U11 trials 2017.pdf Invitation/entry form for Under 9 and Under 11 Oxfordshire EPSCA team trials in January 2017.

Oxon U9 and U11 county trials 2017 (Word)

Oxon U9 and U11 trials 2017.docx

Seb makes Magnus Carlsen's move!

Seb and Magnus.jpg Oxfordshire junior Seb Watkins was selected to make Magnus Carlsen's opening move in the last round of the London Classic. What an honour, and at the historic tournament where Carlsen broke Kasparov's all time grading record. Seb suggested d4 (as can be seen) but after the photographs ended Magnus elected to play 1.e4 and drew a fine game with Vishy Anand. Well done Seb, I hope you enjoyed it.

Schools Leagues Rules 2012-2013 season

Oxon_Schools_League_rules_2012-2013.pdf Oxon Schools League Rules October 2012

The Right Move, issue 21

RightMove21.pdf Issue 21 of The Right Move, a junior magazine published by the English Chess Federation, includes an article on the junior tournament run by Witney Chess Club in October 2008.

Reports from Officers

2017 AGM - Junior report

2017_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Report on junior chess activities in Oxfordshire during 2016-17 season as presented at the OCA AGM on 21 September 2017

Graders Report for 2016-2017

Graders Report 2017.docx A table showing events submitted to the ECF.

2015 AGM - Junior Report

2015_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Report on junior chess activities in Oxfordshire during 2014-15 season as presented at the 2016 OCA AGM

2016 AGM - Junior Report

2016_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Report on junior chess activities in Oxfordshire during 2015-16 season as presented at the OCA AGM

2014 AGM - junior report

2014_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Report on junior chess activities in Oxfordshire during 2013-14 season as presented at the OCA AGM

2013 AGM - Junior report

2013_OCA_JuniorReport.pdf Junior Liaison Officer's report as presented to 2013 OCA AGM

2012 AGM - Junior Report

junior report 2011-12.pdf Report from Junior Liaison Officer to the 2012 AGM.

2010 AGM - Junior Report

2010_JuniorReport.doc Report from Junior Liaison Officer to the 2010 AGM.

2009 AGM - Junior Report

2009_JuniorReport.doc Report from Junior Liaison Officer to the 2009 AGM.

2006 AGM - Junior Report

2006_JuniorReport.doc Report from Junior Liaison Officer to the 2006 AGM.