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20 Nov 2017

Gerard O'Reilly

Cowley Christmas Blitz, 11 December

Cowley Chess Club invites you to its 2017 Christmas Blitz Tournament, which will be held on Monday 11 December at Cowley Chess Club (at Rose Hill Methodist Church in the Main Hall downstairs), with Round 1 beginning at 7.15 pm. All chessplayers are welcome.

There will be ten games in the Blitz (five rounds playing games with both colours, with five minutes per player per game). A cash prize of 10% of the entry fees will be an option for the tournament winner, with lots of other prizes of books, etc., including grading prizes, prizes for juniors in various age groups, for the best slow starter, etc. (see the club website [https://sites.google.com/site/cowleychessclub/cowley-blitz] for lists of prizes and prizewinners in recent blitzes). We rely on donations of prizes, not only chess books but also other (non-alcoholic) prizes, and these will be gratefully received.

Round 1 is scheduled to start at 7:15pm. Players who have not notified their entries in advance are asked to register by 7pm at the venue on the night, to enable pairing cards to be written and the draw for the first round to be completed promptly.

Prizegiving for the Blitz will be at approximately 9:45pm. (It will be possible for young juniors for whom a 9:45pm finish is too late to play in either two rounds [8:05pm finish approx.] or four rounds [8:55pm finish approx.] if this is arranged in advance.)

Entry fee: £3, to be paid when you arrive on the night. We will also be glad to receive additional donations for the Lester Millin Memorial Fund, which supports Cowley junior players.

To help us make a prompt start, please register your entry in advance if possible by sending an email to blitz@cheekychess.org.uk giving the following information (or otherwise getting the information to Gerard OReilly):



Grade (Standard-play rather than Rapidplay if you have one):

Age if under 18 on 1 September 2017:

Finally, if the entrant is a junior who can play in only the first two (or the first four) rounds, please specify which:

Advance registration by email will be accepted until 3pm on Monday 11 December.

Link: https://sites.google.com/site/cowleychessclub/cowley-blitz
19 Nov 2017

Stephen Rumsby

Oxford U160 crash to their first defeat

This year is proving a lot tougher for the team than last year. We had 2 players withdraw at the last minute and unfortunately I was unable to get replacements. However, Bucks didn't claim the defaults which was sporting of them. It didn't matter however, as they won comprehensively 10.5:7.5. We outgraded them on the top seven boards, but they easily outgraded us on the rest. There were some good wins from our side but it was not enough to turn the tide. Thanks to everyone who took part, I hope you had an enjoyable game. Our next match is on the 9th December, so if you would like to play send me an email. The full result is in the Chiltern League section of the website under competitions. My email is stephen.rumsby@maidford.plus.com.

Link: GenerateTable.cfm?LeagueID=328&Org=8
18 Nov 2017

Andrew Varney

Oxfordshire Junior Championships and U9/U11 team trials

A printable entry form for the 2017-2018 season Oxfordshire Junior Chess Championships to be held over the weekend 6-7 January 2018 (two days) and an invitation/entry form to the Oxfordshire Under 9 and Under 11 county team trials to be held on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 January 2018 (each one day) respectively.
Please follow the links from the relevant Events Calendar entries.

It is hoped that online entry at the Ojays website (link as per the entry forms) will be available soon.

Link: GetEvents.cfm?Org=1
11 Nov 2017

Andrew Varney

Inter-county girls friendly tournament

On Sunday 29 October, Oxfordshire Junior Chess hosted a 4-county girls' chess tournament. In addition to Oxfordshire, the adjacent counties of Berkshire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire took part in the event which was held at Headington Prep School. Matches were played over 8 boards in each of two sections: Under 11 and Under 18.

The Under 11 section was amazingly close, almost a four-way tie, the difference between first and fourth place coming down to just one game point! Marc Ives, the U11 Oxfordshire girls' team manager, writes
"The U11 girls fought in the most incredibly tight competition at Headington Prep School on Sunday 29th October. Right until the last board had finished of the whole competition, it could have been a 4 way tie on 4 points. In the end, Oxfordshire came 4th, but played some fantastic chess with some super wins by all the players. We'll be back stronger and aiming to win next time!!"

Despite the teams being reasonably close in terms of average grades for the teams, the results in the Under 18 section were far more definitive. The words of Duncan Young, the Oxfordshire U18 girls' team manager, sum it up nicely:
"Errr... we won! Comprehensively. "

From everything I have heard, from the team managers and from parents, it was a great day for girls' chess. Thank you to the Oxfordshire girls' teams' managers, Elliot Kendall (Oxon U9 team manager) for acting as my deputy for most of the day and clearing up, Alex Holowczak for running the tournament itself, Headington School for the venue and Kidlington Congress for the loan of the equipment. Andrew Varney

Link: http://chess-results.com/tnr310112.aspx?lan=1&art=0&wi=821
29 Oct 2017

Stephen Rumsby

Oxford U160 salvage a draw

Well it was a tough start to the season. Berks requested a reduction to 19 boards, then could only get 18, so we were one up by default. Simon kindly volunteered to step down which saved me the task of finding someone. The match teetered on the edge for quite a long time with Berks looking the stronger despite being outgraded on nearly every board. It was level with the last match to finish - between Derek Edwards and Rob Henley - and with minutes left on the clocks a draw was agreed. So the match was drawn 9.5:9.5. Our default point proving a match saver. I hope everyone had a good game and an enjoyable afternoon. Thanks to all those who took part,

28 Oct 2017

Roger Thetford

More people authorised to submit results

The manager of a league team for a given club can now submit results for any of the league teams being run by that club. The same is true, separately, for teams in knockout competitions. The full list of which officials may submit a result is here.

This feature has been on some people's wish-lists for a while, and should provide some welcome extra flexibility.


26 Oct 2017

Asif Hameed

Fixtures release on 26th October 2017

Dear All

Please check the site for any changes to your future fixtures, and let 
me know of any issues.


Asif Hameed 
Fixtures Secretary


05 Oct 2017

Asif Hameed

Fixtures 2017-18 - crosstable errors

It would appear that the cross-tables are showing incorrect dates.

While this is being resolved please refer to the DIARY version of the 

Many thanks


04 Oct 2017

Asif Hameed

Fixtures release dated 3rd October 2017

Dear All
There has been a new fixtures release with changes highlighted in green on the diary 
Hopefully this will resolve most if not all previous issues.

If you have any problems please do email me.


Asif Hameed

27 Sep 2017

Stephen Rumsby

County Under 160 Team

We had a very successful year last year, winning the Under 160 
Competition, so I would like to continue our winning ways this year.

If  you would like to be considered for the County U160 team then 
contact me. My email is stephen.rumsby@maidford.plus.com.

To be eligible you need to play for a team in the Oxford League or 
reside in Oxfordshire, to have an ECF grade of less than 160 and to 
be an ECF member.
To cover costs there is a £3.00 charge for home matches, no charge 
for away matches.

The dates for this years matches are :- 

28th October  Ox v Berks 

18th November Bucks v Ox 

9th December Hants v Ox 

20th January Berks v Ox

24th February Ox v Bucks

7th April  Ox v Hants 

As you can see the first match is at home to Berks. 

We will be using the Rose Hill hall,  but because they have an 
evening event, we will be starting at 1.30 rather than 2.00 (at 
least for the first match).

If you are available for this match and would like to play (and any 
of the other ones) can you let me know. 

In the email I sent to last years players I omitted one match, the 
above list is correct. If you played last year you should have 
received am email from me. If you didn't let me know.

Steve Rumsby 


27 Sep 2017

Asif Hameed

Fixtures 2017-18 released Authorised 27 Sept 2017

Dear All 

This is a new release and supersedes any fixtures document dated 
to 27th September 2017. ALL clubs must check this as their fixtures 
have been impacted.

There will be NO matches until week commencing 9th October 2017 in 
order to allow teams more time to be properly organised.

If there are any issues with fixtures, please email me.

Thank you to all who submitted their issues and also gave 
to remedy the problems. It is much appreciated.


Asif Hameed
Fixtures Secretary


25 Sep 2017

Gerard O'Reilly

New Rules for League and Frank Wood Shield

The AGM on 21 September 2017 agreed various minor changes to the league rules, mostly tidying up outdated rules or regularising existing practice.

The meeting also adopted a radical new set-up for the Frank Wood Shield. Handicaps are based on average grading rather than on which division a team plays in. Breaking the link to the league structure allows clubs much more flexibility in setting up teams, although a player (graded over 80) who has played for a particular team will be tied to that team for the rest of the competition.

The full rules (including FWS) and, for convenience, a separate Frank Wood Shield special, have been added to the Admin Documents.