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02 Jun 2018

Gerard O'Reilly

Town v Gown Chess Match 2018

This year's edition of the annual Town v Gown chess match was held over
ten boards at Worcester College on Saturday 19 May. The result was
another clear victory for the University team, though it was only in the
late stages of the match that they pulled away after a number of very
hard-fought games. The strength of the top five in the University team
proved decisive in the end, with only Oxford City's Phil Hayward
managing a draw on Board 4. The Town team's three wins were on Boards
8-10, by Cowley's Maria Mate and two juniors of MCS/Blackbirds, Tom
Shepherd and Ross Tselos.

Congratulations to the University team on their win, and my thanks to
David Martins and Worcester College for hosting the event, and
especially to Gordon Scott, who captained the Gown team and saw that all
arrangements were in place.

The full results were as follows:

Board       Gown          Result          Town
1.       David Martins      1-0        Eldar Alizada (Cowley)
2.       Alexander Monev    1-0        Jason McKenna (Oxford City)
3.       Gordon Scott       1-0        Nick Burrows (Cowley)
4.       Joris Gerlagh    0.50.5      Phil Hayward (Oxford City)
5.       Andrew Rogozinski  1-0        Will Burt (Cowley)
6.       Otto Rasanen       1-0        Raj Panicker (Cowley)
7.       Giuseppe Perelli   1-0        David Robson (Cowley)
8.       James Whittington  0-1        Tom Shepherd (MCS)
9.       Cameron Marnoch    0-1        Maria Mate (Cowley)
10.      Thomas Langton     0-1        Ross Tselos (MCS/B)
Total:                    6.5-3.5

02 Jun 2018

Gerard O'Reilly

OCA Guidance for Clubs and Captains updated

A few minor corrections to the official OCA Guidance for Clubs and Captains (mainly updating broken links) had been necessitated in the light of changes to the FIDE Laws which came into force on 1 January 2018. The corrected version of the document was approved by the OCA Committee Meeting on 31 May 2018.

This document, produced on behalf of the OCA Committee in accordance with Article 4.1 of the OCA Constitution, contains valuable information and guidance intended to clarify the interpretation and operation of the League Rules, and especially to help clubs and team captains fulfil their responsibilities to maintain and promote fairness and good practice in applying them.

Club secretaries and especially team captains are strongly recommended to familiarize themselves with the contents of the document.

Link: documents/OCA%20Guidance_official_201806.pdf
22 May 2018

Gerard O'Reilly

Ray Starkie (1955-2018)

I am very sad to have to announce that Ray Starkie died yesterday.

He was taken ill earlier this year and subsequently diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus, but the cancer had already spread too far for it to be treatable.

Ray was not merely a strong player but a highly respected figure on the Oxfordshire chess scene over several decades. He was a member of Cowley Chess Club for more than 40 years, playing throughout that time for our Division 1 teams in the League. He had also served as a team captain, as Chair of the club and as Editor of the club's magazine, The Chequered Board. During my time at Cowley I have frequently had occasion to appreciate his courtesy, dry wit and always thoughtful comments and advice on club and county chess matters, and I was very fortunate to have him as a Cowley 2 teammate in the last few seasons.

We shall miss him.

  Gerard O'Reilly (22 May 2018)

11 Nov 2017

Andrew Varney

Inter-county girls friendly tournament

On Sunday 29 October, Oxfordshire Junior Chess hosted a 4-county girls' chess tournament. In addition to Oxfordshire, the adjacent counties of Berkshire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire took part in the event which was held at Headington Prep School. Matches were played over 8 boards in each of two sections: Under 11 and Under 18.

The Under 11 section was amazingly close, almost a four-way tie, the difference between first and fourth place coming down to just one game point! Marc Ives, the U11 Oxfordshire girls' team manager, writes
"The U11 girls fought in the most incredibly tight competition at Headington Prep School on Sunday 29th October. Right until the last board had finished of the whole competition, it could have been a 4 way tie on 4 points. In the end, Oxfordshire came 4th, but played some fantastic chess with some super wins by all the players. We'll be back stronger and aiming to win next time!!"

Despite the teams being reasonably close in terms of average grades for the teams, the results in the Under 18 section were far more definitive. The words of Duncan Young, the Oxfordshire U18 girls' team manager, sum it up nicely:
"Errr... we won! Comprehensively. "

From everything I have heard, from the team managers and from parents, it was a great day for girls' chess. Thank you to the Oxfordshire girls' teams' managers, Elliot Kendall (Oxon U9 team manager) for acting as my deputy for most of the day and clearing up, Alex Holowczak for running the tournament itself, Headington School for the venue and Kidlington Congress for the loan of the equipment. Andrew Varney

Link: http://chess-results.com/tnr310112.aspx?lan=1&art=0&wi=821
27 Sep 2017

Stephen Rumsby

County Under 160 Team

We had a very successful year last year, winning the Under 160 
Competition, so I would like to continue our winning ways this year.

If  you would like to be considered for the County U160 team then 
contact me. My email is stephen.rumsby@maidford.plus.com.

To be eligible you need to play for a team in the Oxford League or 
reside in Oxfordshire, to have an ECF grade of less than 160 and to 
be an ECF member.
To cover costs there is a £3.00 charge for home matches, no charge 
for away matches.

The dates for this years matches are :- 

28th October  Ox v Berks 

18th November Bucks v Ox 

9th December Hants v Ox 

20th January Berks v Ox

24th February Ox v Bucks

7th April  Ox v Hants 

As you can see the first match is at home to Berks. 

We will be using the Rose Hill hall,  but because they have an 
evening event, we will be starting at 1.30 rather than 2.00 (at 
least for the first match).

If you are available for this match and would like to play (and any 
of the other ones) can you let me know. 

In the email I sent to last years players I omitted one match, the 
above list is correct. If you played last year you should have 
received am email from me. If you didn't let me know.

Steve Rumsby 


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