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29 Jun 2019

Ian Bush

George Spalding wins "The ECF President's Award for Services to Chess"

It gives me great pleasure to announce that George Spalding of Wantage Chess club has been awarded The ECF President's Award for Services to Chess this year. As many of you know George stepped down recently as the Secretary of the OCA, having held that post (and others) for many years - in fact I can almost say since time immemorial because it writing the citation it took a fair bit of head scratching to work out when he started. Thus he has been responsible for the day to day running of the OCA for at least 15 years, and coupled with his work within Wantage chess club I am sure you will agree this is a very well deserved award. I am sure we all extend our congratulations. For more details see the link below.

Link: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/ecf-awards-2019-2/
28 Jun 2019

Gerard O'Reilly

Cowley Summer Blitz, 24 June

This year's Summer Blitz, held on Monday 24 June, attracted 52 players
from all over Oxfordshire. During the evening the OCA Prizegiving for
the season also took place, with the trophies being presented to winners
by our new OCA President, John Place.

Oxford University's Filip Mihov score a decisive victory in the Blitz
with 9.5/10, two points clear of the rest of the field.

The complete list of prizewinners is as follows:
1st:                          Filip Mihov (Oxford University)      9.5
2nd=:                         Eldar Alizada(Cumnor)                7.5
                              Mike Handley (Cowley)
4th:                          Graham McInnes (Didcot))             7.5
Best visitor:                 Tom Shepherd (Bicester)              7.5
Best Cowley player:           James Cole                           7
Best U165:                    Nigel Moyse (Cumnor)                 7
Best junior (U18):            Daniel Varney (Cumnor)               6.5
Best lady:                    Maria Mate (Cowley)                  6
Best Cowley U155              Rich Weston                          6
Best visitor U155:            Mark sayers (Cumnor)                 6
Best U145:                    Ian Bush (Cumnor)                    6
Best ungraded:                Hashim Jusoh (Oxford University)     6
Best U14:                     Edison Xu (MCS/Blackbirds)           6
Best U130:                    Dester Murahwa (Cowley)              5
Best U12:                     Ivan Chetverikov (Cowley)            4
Best U10:                     Kei Macabenta (Cowley)               4
Best slow starter - 0/2:      Stephen Ennis                        5
Best very slow starter - 0/4: John Place (MCS/B)/Geoff Rasell (Cowley) 5

I am pleased to take the opportunity to thank all whose help contributed
to the success of the event:
Rose Hill Methodist Church for allowing us to play in the downstairs Hall;
the Kidlington Chess Tournament for the use of its equipment;
and those who kindly donated prizes for the event or made donations to
the Lester Millin Memorial Fund,
or helped clear up at the end of the evening.
And of course everyone who came along to play.

I am also particularly grateful to several of my fellow Cowley members
for their help, especially:
Bob Samuels and Dave Robson, for the transporting of equipment;
Selikem Amoako for help setting up the pieces before play;
Will Burt for various forms of help, especially for taking entries on
the door, assisted in the latter task by Bruno Currie;
Ian Bush for help with some announcements, and the new President of the
OCA, John Place, for presenting the prizes;
and ESPECIALLY our team of controllers, Tim Dickinson and  Priscilla
Morris, who controlled the event very smoothly and efficiently.

Gerard O'Reilly
(28 June 2019)


02 Jun 2019

Gerard O'Reilly

Town versus Gown chess match, Saturday 1 June

A little later than usual this year, The annual Town versus Gown
chess match was held yesterday afternoon at Christ Church. I am
grateful for the University Chess Club's hospitality, and 
particularly to George-Mihai Dumitrescu for arranging the venue and 
assembling the Gown team.

Unfortunately one of the Town team players defaulted, but the match
was nevertheless closely fought, with several very interesting game.
The University's team eventually came out on top by 6-4. 

The individual results were as follows:

Board	Town			Result	Gown      
1	Phil Hayward (192)	0 - 1	Sam Chow (229)
2	Jason McKenna (190)	0 - 1	Filip Mihov (213)
3	Nick Burrows (175)	1 - 0	Alexander Hardwick (167)
4	Will Burt (173)		1 - 0	John Bamford (164)
5	Mike March (174)	0 - 1	Tudor Enescu (148)
6	Nigel Moyse (164)	1 - 0	William Thomas (132)
7	[default]		0 - 1	Hashim Jusoh (-)
8	Dave Robson (152)	0.5-0.5	George Dumitrescu (122)
9	Neil Buchanan (147)	0 - 1	Dilhan Manawadu (-)
10	Ian Bush (143)		0.5-0.5	Moris Taric (-)

Total				4 - 6

Gerard O'Reilly


18 May 2019

Roger Thetford

Ray Starkie Memorial Best Game Award - congratulations Will Burt!

The judgement has been delivered, and the winner of the inaugural Ray Starkie Memorial Best Game Award is Will Burt. Read Matt Rose's report for more details, or you can play through the games.

The raw PGN files are: Rose-Burt | Waugh-Hardwick | Rumsby-Ward | Truran- Kadodwala | Bush-Tickner. (Either download the plain-text files and rename them as PGN, or click the link to see the text, copy it and paste it into a chess program.)

Many thanks to Matt for judging the entries for the award.

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