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09 Jul 2007

Heather Lang

UK Chess Challenge Gigafinal, 7th-8th July 2007

There were some fantastic performances from Oxfordshire juniors in this year's UK Chess Challenge Southern Gigafinal (open only to qualifiers from the County Megafinal stage of the event). All in all, Oxon juniors won six Ultimo/Ultima titles, more than any other County (Sussex, Surrey and Middlesex each won five; our Berkshire neighbours won three).

Henry Phillips won an U7 Boys' section with 6/6. This was probably Oxon's outstanding result of the day as Henry, who's been playing for less than a year, defeated the experienced Matthew Wadsworth - England's representative for the World U8 Championship. Annie Lloyd was a point clear after winning her first five games in the U7 Girls' section, and took the title on sum of progressive scores after finishing on 5/6.

Daniel D'Souza-Eva finished 1st= in an U8 Boys' section with 5.5/6, only missing out on the title in a play-off, after tie-breaks couldn't separate him from his fellow section winner. Anna Wang won this year's U8 Girls' title with 6/6, following on from her achievement of winning the U7 Girls' section two years running!

Maria Wang also won a section for the 3rd year running, coming 1st in the U11 Girls' event with 6/6. And Marcus Harvey won an U11 Boys' section, also with 6/6.

Ruby Marsden took the U13 Girls' title with 5/6, after losing her first game and working her way through the field until she hit the front with victories over the top seeds in the final two rounds.

Several other players also came in the top three of their sections and qualified for the Terafinal - Gyu-Won Kim, Oliver Hartley, Rowan White, Chantelle Foster, Jeffrey Levicki and Daniel Rey.

Here are the results of the winners and the other Oxon children who finished in the top ten of their sections. Results from the others who played can be found using the links below.

Result Summary: UK Chess Challenge Southern Gigafinal, 7th-8th July 2007
U7 Girls1st= and
Annie Lloyd (Freeland Primary)5/6
U7 Boys B1st and
Henry Phillips (Oxford High)6/6
9th=Steffan Allen (St Andrew's)3.5/6
U8 Girls1st and
Anna Wang (Oxford High / Cowley)6/6
5th=Irene Mathias (Oxford High / Cowley)4/6
5th=Tiyash Banerjee (Oxford High)4/6
U8 Boys A1st=Daniel D'Souza-Eva (St Joseph's Primary)5.5/6
3rd=Gyu-Won Kim (Emmanuel Christian School)5/6
U8 Boys B2nd=Oliver Hartley (Harwell Primary)*5/6
U9 Girls2nd=Rowan White (Oxford High)5/6
10th=Hira Hasan (St Andrew's)3.5/6
U10 Girls2nd=Chantelle Foster (Barley Hill / Cowley)5/6
U11 Girls1st and
Maria Wang (Oxford High / Cowley)6/6
8th=Fernanda White (Oxford High)3.5/6
U11 Boys B1st and
Marcus Harvey (West Kidlington Primary / Bicester CC)6/6
U11 Boys C6th=Barney Shekleton (Magdalen College School)4/6
U13 Girls1st and
Ruby Marsden (Oxford High / Cowley)5/6
U14 Boys5th=Matthew Daggitt (Magdalen College School)4.5/6
U15 Boys2nd=Jeffrey Levicki (Magdalen College School)4.5/6
U16 Boys2nd=Daniel Rey (Magdalen College School / Wantage)5/6

* - listed as Berks in the official results due to the old County boundaries employed for the competiton (even though Harwell counts as Oxfordshire for every other chess purpose).

09 Jul 2007

Heather Lang

ECF All-England Girls' Gold Finals, 30th June 2007

The All-England Girls' Gold Finals are the ECF's National Individual Girls' Rapidplay Championships, open only to qualifiers.

Anna Wang and Irene Mathias came 1st= in the U8 section with 4.5/5, after drawing with each other and beating everyone else.

Hanako Takahashi-Johnson won the U7 girls' title by scoring 2/5 in the same section.

Maria Wang finished 2nd= in the U12 section, with an unbeaten 4/5.

Full results (including how the other Oxon girls got on) are available at the ECF Girls' and Women's Chess website

Result Summary: ECF All-England Girls Gold Finals, 30th June 2007
U81st=Anna Wang (Oxford High / Cowley)4.5/5
1st=Irene Mathias (Oxford High / Cowley)4.5/5
U7 titleHanako Takahashi-Johnson (Oxford High)2/5
U122nd=Maria Wang (Oxford High / Cowley)4/5

Link: http://www.chessuk.com/goldresults07.html
05 Jul 2007

Heather Lang

James Foster in Dubai

James Foster (Cowley CC) is one of 17 English juniors currently playing in an U14 tournament in Dubai from the 2nd-10th of July.

Link: http://www.chess-results.com/tnr7062.aspx?tnr=7062&art=4&lan=1&turdet=NO&mm=1&m=1
02 Jul 2007

Jon D'Souza Eva

Oxfordshire Schools League U11 Final

After a close match, Oxford High School repeated last year's U9 and U11 league double.

Magdalen College School A Oxford High School A
1Eamon Devaney-Dykes (49)0 - 1Maria Wang (98)
2Nathan Sames (31)0 - 1Fernanda White (34)
3Clifford Carr0 - 1Anna Wang (43)
4Barney Shekleton (44)½ - ½Rowan White (27)
5William Massam (12)1 - 0Irene Mathias (4)
6Jack Possee1 - 0Tiyash Banerjee
Match played on 2 July 2007.
Oxford High School won 3½-2½.

21 Jun 2007

Jon D'Souza Eva

Oxfordshire Schools League U9 Final

It's a testament to the concentration of the players that all the games were still going after an hour, before OHS prevailed. The same two schools will meet again in the U11 final later this term.
Oxford High School A Magdalen College School
1Anna Wang (43)1 - 0Alex Anderton (16)
2Rowan White (27) 1 - 0Charlie Cook
3Irene Mathias (4)1 - 0Frankie Carr
4Tiyash Banerjee1 - 0Jacob Coxon
5Katherine Klemperer1 - 0Sam Costello
6Wendy Yao 0 - 1Richard Woods-Rogan
5 - 1
Match played on 21 June 2007.
Oxford High School won 5-1.

21 May 2007

Heather Lang

Oxfordshire U14 girls win bronze in national final

A strong finish saw the Oxfordshire U14 Girls team overtake top seeds Lancashire for 3rd place in the ECGCF Grand Final in Syston this weekend.

The team improved with every round, moving from 5th place after R1, to 4th after R2, and finally to 3rd after a superb 5/6 in the final round. Credit to the girls' perseverence ... and to Lester Millin's cow, which could only be pressed to moo when someone in the team won!

Top scorers were younger players Chantelle Foster (3/3, including wins against Yorkshire and Lancashire) and Irene Mathias (2/3), plus captain Larissa Cooke (2/3) on board 1. Zoe Mathias made 50% against opponents who each outgraded her by at least 30 points. Ruby Marsden (1/3) had the toughest draw, facing the board 2s from Surrey, Yorkshire and Lancashire. Eleanor Leydon, who only started to play chess at school level in September, made a good debut with 1/3.

Well done (and thanks!) to everyone who was involved on the day.

Oxon Team Results

1. Larissa Cooke     U14   2
2. Ruby Marsden      U13   1
3. Zoe Mathias       U12   1½
4. Chantelle Foster  U10   3
5. Irene Mathias      U8   2
6. Eleaner Leydon    U12   1

Overall Results

1. Surrey       12½
2. Yorkshire    12
3. Oxfordshire  10½
4. Lancashire   10
5. Kent          8
6. Lincolnshire  2
Heather Lang (based on info from people who were actually there!)

Link: http://www.allyorkshire.com/index_files/zyni.htm
09 May 2007

Heather Lang

Maria & Anna Wang: World Youth Championships

Congratulations to sisters Maria and Anna Wang (Cowley Chess Club) who have been selected to represent England in the World Youth Championships in Turkey, from 17th-29th November 2007.

They are part of a squad of twelve players being sent by the ECF; Maria will play in the U12 Girls' section, while Anna will take part in the new U8 Girls' event.

Link: http://www.englishchess.org.uk/junior/js-teams.htm
23 Apr 2007

Heather Lang

Cowley win National Club Rapidplay Championship

Cowley 1 have won the 2007 ECF National Club Rapidplay Championship, held at Magdalen College School on 22nd April. A team from Oxford City also played well to finish third. Just over half of the players were local, in what was a smaller event than usual, but there were also strong contenders from further afield including King's Head and Mushrooms whose average grades were well over 180.

The handicap system this year involved adding up to three game points to the score of a match depending on the rating difference between the teams. For example, both of Cowley 1's 3.5-0.5 losses to the top rated teams were transformed into 3.5-3.5 'draws'. The bonus points were added after each round and used to pair the teams, unlike last year when they were added at the end of the event. In an eleven team tournament, this meant that those in contention by and large played all of their main rivals.

The Cowley 1 team of Ray Starkie (1.5/5), Heather Lang (4/5), Maria Mate (2.5/5) and Oxon Schools U11 Champion Chantelle Foster (1/5) turned out to have just the right blend of players to be near the top throughout. Boards 2 and 3 both played to nearly 50 points above their published grades on the day, and the other team members were solid against much stronger average opposition. In the end, they won by two points from Mushrooms in second place. A nice touch is that the cup has returned to the Foster household - Chantelle's brother James was part of the Cowley 2 team that won the event last year!

The Oxford City team of Simon King, John Yates, Zaid Marham and Julian Asquith came to the fore in taking 1.5 points from the highly-rated Mushrooms team (so actually scored 4.5 points in that match!) before losing 4-0 to Cowley 1 in the fourth round (one of the few matches played without handicaps). They then bounced back in the final round to finish 3rd.


 1. Cowley 1            18    (102 avg grade)
 2. Mushrooms           16    (184)
 3. Oxford City         15    (105)
 4= King's Head         14½   (183)
 4= Gloucester          14½   (159)
 6. MCS Blackbirds B    14    (110)
 7. Cowley 2            13½   (129)
 8. Cowley 3            13    (140)
 9. MCS Blackbirds A    12½   (150)
10= Syston              11½   ( 96)
10= Wanstead & Woodford 11½   (130)

The odd team in each round received a 3 point bye.


Avg grd diff  Lower team bonus
  0 -  9        0
 10 - 19        ½
 20 - 29        1
 30 - 39        1½
 40 - 49        2
 50 - 59        2½
 60 or more     3

Link: http://www.englishchess.org.uk/events/bcfnatteam/club2007/rapidplay.htm
13 Apr 2007

Heather Lang

Oxfordshire Schools Congress - Results

81 children from 30 different schools took part in the Oxfordshire Schools Congress this week. The champions were:

U9 Rowan White (Oxford High)
U11 Eddy Grogan (Dragon) and Chantelle Foster (Barley Hill)
U13 Marcus Harvey (West Kidlington)
U15 & U18 Matthew Daggitt (Magdalen College School)

Full results can be found on the congress website.

Link: http://www.geocities.com/oxoncong/
04 Jan 2007

George Spalding

Wantage New Year Quickplay Tournament

The traditional New Year Quickplay Tournament at Wantage
was held on Tuesday 2nd January 2007.

The total entry of 23 players was split into graded groups of
8, 8 and 7, and the winners were :

Group 1  : Csaba Koszta   6.5/7
Group 2  : Roger Thetford, Tony Carter, Derek Punter - all 5/7
Group 3  : Martin Thetford  6/6 

George Spalding

04 Nov 2006

Heather Lang

Oxon Schools League - Board Results of Finals

Here are the results of the individual games in the 2005-06 Oxfordshire Schools League finals.

2005-06 Oxfordshire Schools League Under 9 Final

Oxford High School A Magdalen College School
1Sarah Garrett1 - 0Nathan Sames
2Anna Wang 0 - 1William Massam
3Rowan White1 - 0William Hardyman
4Alex Anderton0 - 1Freddy Campbell
5Irene Mathias0 - 1Edward Noble
6Daniel D'Souza-Eva 1 - 0George Trotter
3 - 3
Match played on 22 June 2006.
Oxford High School won 10-11 on board count.

2005-06 Oxfordshire Schools League Under 11 Final

Magdalen College School A Oxford High School
1John Bethell (76)0 - 1Maria Wang (66)
2Ewan Bowlby (66)0 - 1Sarah Garrett
3Guy Dixon (59)1 - 0Fernanda White
4Eamon Devaney-Dykes (50)1 - 0Anna Wang
5Barney Shekleton0 - 1Rowan White
6Joseph Foster (56)1 - 0Alex Anderton
3 - 3
Match played on 16 May 2006.
Oxford High School won 8-13 on board count.

2005-06 Oxfordshire Schools League Under 13 Final

 Oxford High School Magdalen College School A
1Maria Wang (92)0 - 1Matthew Daggitt (111)
2Charlotte Grogan (61) 0 - 1Ben Thorne (95)
3Ruby Marsden (45)1 - 0Tom Maxwell (95)
4Fernanda White (31)½ - ½Guy Dixon (60)
5Anna Wang (43)1 - 0Clifford Carr
6Draw ½ - ½Agreed
3 - 3
Match played on 3 November 2006.
Magdalen College School won 3-8 on board count.
Board 6 agreed drawn as Sarah Garrett would
have been able to play for Oxford High had the
match taken place the previous term.

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