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22 Jul 2006

Heather Lang

National Successes for Oxfordshire Juniors

Several Oxfordshire juniors have placed highly in national rapidplay championships over the last couple of months. The most recent event was the UK Chess Challenge Southern Gigafinal on the 15th-16th July. The Oxon champions from the Saturday were Anna Wang (U7G), Maria Wang (U10G) and Marcus Harvey (U10BA) and on the Sunday: Naomi Miller (U16G) and Claire Morris (U18G) (listed as Berks in the official results due to the old County boundaries used in the competition)

On the 24th of June, Rowan White (U8) and Anna Wang (U7) were age-group champions in the ECF All-England Girls Gold Finals and on the 10th of June, the Cowley U9 team of Sarah Garrett, Anna Wang, Rowan White and Chantelle Foster finished seven points clear of 19 other teams to win the ECF National Girls Team Championships.

Here are the results of the winners and the other Oxon medallists in these events.

UK Chess Challenge Southern Gigafinal, 15th-16th July 2006
U7 Girls1stAnna Wang (Oxford High / Cowley)6/6
2ndIrene Mathias (Oxford High / Cowley)5/6
U7 Boys B3rd=Daniel D'Souza-Eva (Oxford High)5/6
U8 Girls2nd=Rowan White (Oxford High / NOA / Cowley)5/6
U9 Girls2nd=Chantelle Foster (Barley Hill / Cowley)5/6
U10 Girls1stMaria Wang (Oxford High / Cowley)6/6
U10 Boys A1stMarcus Harvey (West Kidlington / NOA / Bicester)5.5/6
U12 Girls3rd=Ruby Marsden (Oxford High / Cowley)4/6
U14 Boys2nd=Ben Kennedy (King's School / Witney)5/6
U16 Boys & Girls1st GirlNaomi Miller (Oxford High / Cowley)4/6
U18 Boys & Girls1st GirlClaire Morris (St Helen's / Cowley)4.5/6
2nd= BoyJiexi Zhao (Cherwell / Cowley)4/6
ECF All-England Girls Gold Finals, 24th June 2006
U81stRowan White5/5
2nd (U7 title)Anna Wang4/5
3rd=Irene Mathias3/5
U102nd=Maria Wang4/5
2nd=Sarah Garrett4/5
ECF National Girls Team Championships, 10th June 2006
U91stCowley Chess Club
Sarah Garrett, Anna Wang, Rowan White, Chantelle Foster
2nd=Oxford High School (best school trophy)
Irene Mathias, Katherine Klemperer, Tiyash Banerjee, Amber Tse
U14 / U182nd (U14)Cowley Chess Club
Maria Wang, Larissa Cooke, Ruby Marsden, Fernanda White

In August, several of these players will be competing at longplay time controls in the British Championships in Swansea.

And in September, Marcus Harvey (U10B) and Maria Wang (U10G) have been invited to represent England in the European Youth Championships - the most prestigious youth event that the ECF are sending a squad to this year.

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