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05 Nov 2019

Roger Thetford

ODCL 2019-20: Starred players

The starred players for the current season are below. These players are not eligible to play for another team in the same division as, or for a team in a lower division than, the team for which they are starred.

Update 5 Nov: Declarations for Witney 2 and Witney 3 amended to remove inadvertent starring of players who had already appeared for lower teams.

Banbury 1: James Jackson, Paul Rowan, Georgs Vikanis, Carl Portman
Banbury 2: Nick Martin, Neil Staples, Nathan Manley, Kevin Bowman
Bicester 1: Mike Marlow, Mick Harrison, Tom Shepherd, Tony Burcham
City 1: Matt Rose, Jon Manley, Stuart White, Jason McKenna
City 2: Luke Wildgoose, David Godfrey, Tim King, Peter McLeod
Cowley 1: Mike Handley, Will Burt, Raj Panicker, James Shapland
Cowley 2: Miguel Ballester, Bruno Currie, Nalin Kadodwala, Graham Cole
Cowley 3: Bob Waugh, Neil Buchanan, Maria Mate, David Dyer
Cowley 4: Graham Willis, Kenneth Hobson, Ivan (S) Chetverikov, David Keeling
Cowley 5: Bill Stanley, Ivon Asquith, Kelly Riley, John Taylor
Cumnor 1: Eldar Alizada, Nick Burrows, Nigel Moyse, Simon Terrington
Didcot 1: Andrejs Ohleovics, Nick Gough, Bernard Cooper, Carlos Ferrera Gonzales
Didcot 2: Nicolas Bekris, Andy Robins, Gary Reynolds, Guanqun Gai
University 1: Filip Mihov, Victor Vasiesiu, Andrew Rogozinski, Paul Calderon
University 2: Hashim Jusoh, Tudor Enescu, Jack Virgin, Shree Nata
Wantage 1: Andy Robbings, Mirka Litwiniec, John Carter, Roly Piggott
Witney 1: Marcus Harvey, Lewis Martin, Dave Hackett, Mike Truran
Witney 2: Richard Williams, Danny O'Byrne, Alan Gentry, Bill Read
Witney 3: Hugo Rayner, Ian Gilders, David Blackwell, Bob Kilbride-Newman

04 Nov 2019

Ian Bush

Frank Wood Shield 2019-2020

The draw for the Frank Wood Shield took place at the Witney Congress, and the outcome is now on the web site. 17 teams have been entered, and rounds 1 and 2 should be played by the end of the calendar year. These fixtures, with suggested dates for the matches, are

Round 1
Mon 18 Nov Didcot Daredevils v Cowley Wood Pushers

Round 2
Mon 16 Dec (Didcot Daredevils / Cowley Wood Pushers) v Cowley Chessnuts
Tue 17 Dec Wantage Alfredians v Witney Spinners
Thu 21 Nov University Unicorns v Six Donkeys of the Acropolis
Mon 16 Dec Cowley Cutlers v Bicester Bishops
Wed 27 Nov BenUni defense v Banbury Buccaneers
Wed 18 Dec Didcot Dynamos v City Slickers 1
Thu 19 Dec Banbury Misfits v Six Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Mon 16 Dec City Slickers 2 v Witney Weavers

Please note that matches involving the University teams need to be played in University term time.

Last year there were a couple of occasions where teams fielded ineligible players, or broke the rules on board ordering. As such can Captains please take time to read the rules for the competition. These can be found in section 9 (the final section) of The OCA League Rules. However with regard to this we realise that matches played early in the season may make meeting requirement 9.4.1 to have "legally played two games for that club in the league during that season" difficult to meet. As such the Secretary will consider requests to relax Rule 9.4.1 to one game for ties that have been brought forward into November, especially for cases when the player has represented the club in previous seasons. If you need this extra latitude, please contact the secretary (Roger Thetford) and the opposing captain, with justification, at least 48 hours before the scheduled match date. Team captains can be found by clicking on the team links on the draw web page.

26 Oct 2019

Ian Bush

Draw for the Frank Wood Shield to be on 2nd November at the Witney Congress

The draw for this season's Frank Wood Shield will take place on the Saturday of the upcoming Witney Congress, on the 2nd November. As such could all clubs get their teams and nights they play on to the League Secretary, Roger Thetford, as soon as is possible, and definitely by the end of Thursday 31st October

23 Oct 2019

Stephen Rumsby

Oxfordshire U150 lose their first match

Oxfordshire played Berkshire on the 19th October. The teams were fairly evenly matched apart from the bottom 5 boards, where they outgraded us. I had a lot of difficulty fielding a team initially but in the end managed to get a full team. As a result Berks only recruited 19 thinking we wouldn't get 20, so the match was played with 19 boards. We were ahead on the top 14 boards (7.5:6.5), but unfortunately their bottom 5 boards proved too strong and they won on all 5 boards, giving a final score of 11.5:7.5 to Berks. Thanks to all who played, I hope you had an enjoyable game. The next match is against Bucks on the 16th November. It is a home match at the Rose Hill venue with a 1.30 start. If you are available and would like to play then let me know. I currently have 14 players so need another 6.

30 Sep 2019

Stephen Rumsby

Under 150 County Team

If you are graded under 150 and would like to play in the County U150 Team can you please email me. I have emailed people who played last year, so if you are in this category you should have received my email, if not email me. There are 6 matches against 3 other county teams - Berks, Bucks and Hants. The first match is on the 19th October away to Berks. The other matches are on November 16 (home), November 30th (away), January 11th (home) February 15th (away) and March 14th (home). My email address is stephen.rumsby@maidford.plus.com

26 Sep 2019

Asif Hameed

Fixtures have been released!

Please check the site for the updated fixture list - check the date reads 26th September 2019 (you may have to refresh your browser).

24 Sep 2019

Roger Thetford

New Season

Would ODCL team captains please note the following changes and requests:

  • The League Rules have been updated. Major changes are stricter rules on board order, and the use of an incremental time limit (80 min + 10 sec per move) in Division One. Please ensure that your clocks can cope: not all digital clocks can!
  • The Banbury club has moved to a new venue.
  • Starred players must be declared by 31 October.
  • Also by 31 October, please declare the number of teams that you wish to enter in the FWS. The first round will take place before Christmas.

22 Sep 2019

Roger Thetford

AGM - Rule Changes

All of the rule- change proposals considered at Thursday's AGM were passed, some of them with some minor amendments. In particular, this means:

  • stricter limits on board order (broadly, a 'ten-point' rule), and a requirement to include gradings on the team-lists that are exchanged before start of play
  • Division One will use an incremental time control of 80 minutes (that was one of the amendments) plus 10s per move.
The Rules are being updated to accommodate the changed wording and will be published as soon as they are available.

20 Sep 2019

Stephen Rumsby

Banbury Chess Club have moved!

Banbury Chess Club have moved to the St Mary's Centre next to St Mary's church in the centre of Banbury. The address is St Mary's Centre, St Mary's Church, Horsefair, Banbury, OX16 0AA The club night is on a Thursday. The Centre is next to St Mary's Church, which is the large church in the centre of Banbury, opposite the cinema. From the motorway, go over two roundabouts and go left at the Tesco roundabout along Southam Rd. After about a kilometre you will pass St Mary's Church on the left, with the Cinema on the right There is a small road after the church leading to the Centre. There is limited parking at the Centre, but on street parking is free after 7.00.

19 Sep 2019

Roger Thetford

Documents for 2019 AGM - updated

The following documents are available in the collection of 'Admin Documents':

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